Put the “Good” in Goodie Bag: 4 Unique Birthday Party Favors for Adults

It’s time to get the party started with your closest friends. Much like with kids’ parties, one of the best parts is seeing what kind of favors the host gives out at the end of the party.

If you’re the one throwing the party, you might be scrambling to figure out the most unique birthday party favors for your guests? Get ready to watch guests open their goodie bags in amazement once you see the favor suggestions we have to offer to you.

1. Cup Koozies

Canned beverages during a party tend to be on the chilly side. That’s why the first party favor you should think about providing guests is a custom 8oz cans koozie.

Not only is it something they can use throughout the night, but it also serves as a piece of memorabilia from the party. If you want, you can take things a step further and personalize each koozie with each guest’s name that will be attending the party.

2. Homemade Hangover Kits

Some parties are so much fun that guests are all partied out the next day. If you plan to have the drinks flowing throughout your birthday party, your guests will appreciate some TLC the following day.

What better way to take care of your guests and thank them for celebrating with you than creating hangover kits. You can put whatever you want in the kit, including some aspirin, a light snack to eat, or some ginger ale.

Trust us; your guests will thank you later.

3. Brunch Flowers

Ate you holding your birthday party outside in a garden area with some of your closest friends? One of the best party favor ideas for an all-girls birthday party is to give your guests a flower that they can take home.

Think about something that can be planted in your guest’s yards or places somewhere in their home. We recommend you gift guests a succulent because they typically are low-maintenance plants that don’t need a ton of sunlight or water.

4. Candy Favors

Candy is always a hit, no matter what the age of your guests are. And besides, there are tons of candy that you can choose to put in the goodie bags, or you can create a candy mix that’s unique to your party.

We recommend that if you go the candy route, you don’t choose candy that will melt easily or go bad. No guests want to open their favor bag and see a melting mass of chocolate and caramel at the bottom.

Unique Birthday Favor Ideas: Let’s Get This Party Started

If you were looking for unique birthday favor ideas, we listed some of our top choices for you. Sometimes you’ve got to look out for guests and give them hangover kits or appeal to their inner child with some sugary treats.

Are you ready to kick your birthday off the right way? Before you go, check out some of our other posts on topics just like these.

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