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Our research discovered that Alice Cooper net worth has about 55 million dollars. Alice Cooper has a lot of money because he is a famous singer  USA. He is famous for making music in different types of rock, such as hard rock, heavy metal, glam rock, industrial rock, and more. People who listen to music and give their opinions say that Alice Cooper’s music is called “Shock-Rock” because he uses things like guillotines, swords, and electric chairs in his performances. Alice Cooper not only makes music but also appears in movies and TV shows.

Alice Cooper Early Life

Alice Cooper net worth was born on February 4, 1948. His father’s name was Ether Moroni Furnier, and his mother’s name was Ella Mae. His family was close to the church because his dad was a preacher at the Church of Jesus Christ. He leads the church as the president. Alice started doing things at church when she was young. The whole family moved to Phoenix, Arizona. Alice Cooper went to Cortez High School in Arizona and he loved music a lot when he was in high school. He made a fake band and sang funny versions of The Beatles songs at a school talent show. The Rolling Stone Album Guide called him the ‘beloved heavy metal entertainer’ in the world. The original Alice Cooper Band was added to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2011.

Alice Cooper Early Career

When Alice Cooper was in high school, he really wanted to be a famous musician. That’s why Vincent Damon Furnier Alice Cooper spent more time practicing music than doing his schoolwork. He started a band with Glen Buxton and Dennis Dunaway for a school talent show. They both performed funny versions of The Beatles’ songs at a school talent show. The audience liked how they performed and they won the talent show. This made them want to form a new group.

Alice Cooper, whose real name is Vincent Damon Furnier, and his friends decided to call themselves The Spiders. They purchased instruments that every band needs from a nearby pawn shop. After the teenagers finished high school in 1966, Michael Bruce became a guitar player in the band. The Spiders put out their first song, Don’t Blow Your Mind, and it became really popular in Arizona. The band went to Los Angeles to do a lot of shows. The band wasted time and money going to Los Angeles. That’s why the band chose to go to Los Angeles, where they met Neal Smith. Neal Smith became a drummer for the band.

In 1968, Alice Cooper made a plan that made the band very famous. He said they should have concerts with spooky themes and change their band’s name to ‘Alice Cooper. ‘ Additionally, Vincent Damon Furnier legally changed his name to Alice Cooper. To stop another band with the same name from suing the group. In 1964, Alice Cooper put out their first album called ‘Pretties for You. Sadly, Alice Cooper didn’t get the results he wanted from this album. Alice Cooper needed to make their performances better right now. That’s why Alice Cooper started to make their show more exciting with the ‘Shock Rock’ style. He told music reporters amazing stories to amaze his fans.

Alice Cooper’s second album, Easy Action, came out in 1970. However, even though Alice Cooper tried really hard, their second album didn’t do well again. They didn’t do well while they were making the album. They kept going even though their albums didn’t sell well. They kept doing live performances. After they saved enough money, they put out their third album called Love It to Death. They put in a lot of effort to make this album. Everyone was impressed by the result. This album sold a lot of copies and made a lot of money. This is a really big success for the band.

Alice Cooper Breakthrough

After their first hit song, I’m Eighteen, did well on the music charts, Warner Bros. They paid for their contract and put out their album again, spending more money on advertising. This made them even more successful. This made them even more successful. They became even more successful because of this. They put out Killer in 1971 and School’s Out in 1972. The next album had a hit song called ‘School’s Out’ which was popular and hit the top of the music charts. It’s still a favorite among rock fans. In 1973, Billion Dollar Babies was the band’s best-selling album, earning a lot of money and reaching platinum status. The album had a famous song called ‘No More Mr. Nice Guy’ The band named ‘Nice Guy’ went on a tour, but many people did not like their performances.

The band’s final album was called Muscle of Love and it was released in 1973. We had some arguments that made us decide to take a break, but it turned out to be permanent. Alice Cooper went to Los Angeles and began appearing on TV shows such as Hollywood Squares. In 1975, he released his first music album on his own, and it was called Welcome to My Nightmare. 

Alice Cooper Alcoholist

Alice Cooper net worth did well by himself, the group was left behind. In the late 1970s, Alice Cooper struggled with addiction and couldn’t beat it.

Cooper made a lot of albums that he doesn’t even remember making because he was drunk or high on drugs. This later became known as ‘the blackout time.

These albums didn’t sell well for the most part. In the late 80s, he started to see a revival, but it didn’t last because glam rock died and grunge became popular. In the 2000s, Alice Cooper started playing a different kind of heavy metal music to keep up with the new style. In 2010, he went on a big tour with Rob Zombie, and in 2014 he went on a tour with Motley Crue. During his career, Alice Cooper kept showing up on lots of different TV shows and movies.

Alice Cooper Personal Life

Some people may be surprised to find out that Alice is a very good golfer. She often beats former professional players in celebrity Pro-Am tournaments. Christine who was his first girlfriend. After Christine died, Alice began dating Cindy Lang and lived with her. In 1975, the couple broke up and Alice began dating Raquel Welch. He also went out with Sheryl Goddard and they got married but their marriage didn’t last very long. A couple of years later, Sheryl decided to get a divorce from him and they split up. Alice has been involved in a lot of arguments and disagreements in his life.

Alice Cooper Height And Weight

Even though he is 5 feet 10 inches tall, he weighs 176 pounds and 80 kilograms.

Alice Cooper Social Media

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Alice Cooper Nationality

Alice Cooper is a citizen of the United States. and has always stayed connected to his American background during his successful career. Detroit, where he was born, is known for its important role in American music. It’s famous for its influence on Motown and rock music. Understanding where Cooper comes from helps us understand how he influenced American rock music. He became popular in the 1970s, when American rock music was changing a lot. His surprising stage character and dramatic shows brought something different to the American music scene.

Alice Cooper Awards

Alice Cooper received a special award for being a ‘Legend’ at the Classic Rock Roll of Honour Awards and the Kerrang Awards. The person has won two Grammy awards.

In 2003, he received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for his music recordings. Being chosen for an award in 1984 and 1997. In 2011, he and his old band members were put into the ‘Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. ‘ In 2015, he got the Kerrang Legend Award. In 2019, the Grammy Awards nominated the Best Musical Theatre Album.


This talented singer and actor is still making people happy, even though he’s had some issues in his career. Alice Cooper is very rich and his fans always want to know how much money he has. We hope you found out the most recent information about it.

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