Alternative Investments Are More Resilient in Times of Crisis With Axba

Alternative investments are any investment which don’t fit into traditional asset categories like stocks, bonds and cash. They may involve greater complexity as well as higher risks than these traditional asset classes.

Alternative assets tend to be less liquid in the market, making it harder to quickly sell them and increasing liquidity in your portfolio. This allows more flexibility for responding to redemption requests.

Benefits Of Investing In Alternative Investments?

Alternative investments offer an excellent way to diversify your portfolio, from private equity deals and gold to farmland and real estate – even collectible coins and paintings!

Though stocks and bonds may provide numerous advantages, they also pose numerous risks. Investors should be mindful of potential losses and be sure they have sufficient savings in case losses do occur.

Alternative assets typically exhibit lower correlation to traditional asset classes, offering diversification opportunities while mitigating risk during market cycles. Some also serve as protection from inflation.

Resilience of Alternative Investments

Alternative investments have the ability to withstand market fluctuations better than their stock and bond counterparts due to being uncorrelated with stocks and bonds markets, investing instead in hard assets such as gold, oil and real estate that provide them with protection during a downturn.

Due to these advantages, large institutions often rely on precious metals investments as a diversifying strategy and as a protection against inflation, which undermines paper currency’s purchasing power.

Axba was founded when its two co-founders realized they could not access an investment they were searching for – a chain of Indian dental clinics – through traditional channels. So they set about developing an accessible solution to enable any investor regardless of financial status to take part in the alternative investing world.

Axba’s Approach to Alternative Investments

Axba is an alternative investment fund with offices across North America, Europe and Asia that enables its investors to invest in cryptocurrency tokens (NFTs), wine, startups and real estate investments.

Suman Bannerjee, Axba’s Chief Investment Officer (CIO), brings over 25 years of experience to bear as he oversees its portfolio strategy. With an international team at his command and vast expertise at work behind them, Suman has established Axba.

Within its short three-year existence, this company has earned numerous accolades including post fees returns of 32.8% and an increase in assets under management to 400 million dollars. One notable innovation by the firm was its cryptocurrency strategy which involves investing in structured notes linked to Bitcoin and Ethereum performance.
Advantages of Investing with Axba

Advantages of Investing with Axba

Axba’s investment platform is revolutionizing how alternative investments are perceived and made accessible to everyone regardless of financial status or experience. It democratizes investment space to enable everyone accessing it as easily as possible.

Axba invests in multiple nontraditional assets such as litigation, equipment finance, art, startups and more. Investors invest via any payment gateway and receive blocks similar to shares in companies as they receive their investments back.

Axba is an international hedge fund offering investors exposure to multiple asset classes within one portfolio and open to anyone, charging only an annual fee of 1% and 10% performance fees on gains.

Right Alternative For Portfolio

How To Choose The Right Alternative For Portfolio

Alternative investments have long been recognized for being more resilient in times of crises, with their lower correlation to stocks and lower susceptibility to declines when markets decline. This allows investors to build wealth even during tough economic times while making their portfolios more stable when markets recover later on.

Axba offers a diverse array of alternative investments for HNIs and institutional investors, including cryptocurrency investments, real estate, equipment finance, music royalty royalties, startups, wine, rare art purchases, carbon credits and litigation finance.

Axba is a Delaware LLC 506(b) exempt company which allows investors to benefit from 100% tax pass-through. Furthermore, Axba provides professional support and advice that will guide investors through the complex world of alternative investments. Past and current investors alike rate customer support highly with quick responses times as well as courteous interactions from our representatives.

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