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Andrew Graham Stewart


The relationship history of Andrew Graham Stewart is complicated. While he has been married and had one relationship, he is currently single. He has been involved with a total of two women and has only been married once. In addition to his marriage, he has had three divorces and no children. But despite being single, Andrew Graham Stewart has dated other people. This is a good sign because it suggests that he is still single.

Marriage Journey 

In the early 1970s, Stewart dated Sarah Brightman. They were divorced and separated in 1971. She was a schoolgirl when they met and eventually married. In the 1980s, Andrew and Sarah became a couple. The marriage lasted for a decade, during which they lived in separate houses. In their later years, they separated. The split made Andrew Graham Stewart a father and a grandfather to two children.

Dated Famous Singer

In 1979, Andrew Graham Stewart married Sarah Brightman, a famous British singer. They dated for a year before getting married. The couple divorced in 1983. The couple has two daughters, but their relationship has been dominated by tabloids for decades. Nevertheless, Andrew Graham Stewart and Sarah Brightman remain very close. And they are still married. But the split is a sad reminder of the turbulent times in Andrew’s life.


During that time, they divorced. The divorce ended in 1983. Although Andrew Graham Stewart was born in 1901, he had a brief relationship with Sarah Brightman. Their son, John, remained his wife for over 20 years. The two had one child, and they had two more children.

Life Journey 

Andrew Graham Stewart was born in 1901. He studied at Cambridge and Winchester. He was a member of the Arts Educational School. He then went on to become a director at the British Steel Company in 1931. Afterward, he was appointed assistant general managing director in charge of the tube and shell production. He was responsible for over 100 million shell cases by 1945. Throughout his career, he was an influential figure.

A Successful Businessman 

Despite his success as a businessman, Andrew Graham Stewart was also a successful musician and philanthropist. His career spans over seven decades, and he has worked in numerous fields. While he has been married four times, he is now single and lives in London. The singer had several hits with his music and has a long list of credits. He was a successful musician during his lifetime and is regarded as a pillar of British culture.

Remain Friends 

They were married in 1979 and divorced in 1983. In their early years of marriage, Andrew Graham Stewart was married to Sarah Brightman, a schoolgirl from Winchester. The couple had two children and had one daughter. The marriage was a great success for the couple. He was very well-liked by many women, and they remained friends for a long time.

Connection with British Steel Industry 

Despite being married, Andrew Graham Stewart is still single. His wife, Sarah Brightman, has a daughter with another man. He is still the head of British Steel, which is the country’s largest steel producer. Moreover, he has a strong connection to the British steel industry and was a part of the founding of the English railway system. However, the couple is no longer together. He has a son named David and a daughter, who was a great supporter of the company.


Besides being a successful entrepreneur, Andrew Graham Stewart also has a strong personal life. Mr. Stewart was a successful businessman. He was the chairman of Scottish steel makers, Stewart & Lloyds. His rationalization plan was opposed by the British steel companies. During his tenure as president of the British iron and steel industry, he served as a prominent figure in the British labor movement. He was also a prominent opponent of the Government’s rationalization plan. His death has sparked outrage in the UK.

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