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Andrew Schulz net worth is a funny person from America who has $5 million in 2023. Andrew Schulz is a well-known and accomplished person in America who has achieved a good amount of success in his career. Andrew Schulz is a really funny person who tells jokes, acts in movies or shows, creates things, and talks on a podcast. Schulz started his career as a stand-up comedian in the early 2000s.

Andrew Schulz Early Life

Andrew Schulz net worth was born in New York City in 1980. His parents’ families come from Scotland, Germany, and Ireland. His mom, Sandra, dances professionally in ballrooms. His dad, Larry, used to be in the military. Andrew has a younger brother named Greg who has Schizophrenia.

Schulz grew up in East Village, a part of Lower Manhattan, and went to public schools in the city. Andrew went to the University of California and learned about Psychology. While he was there, he realized that he really loved comedy.

Andrew Schulz Career

Andrew Schulz net worth began doing stand-up comedy while he was in college. Later in the 2000s, he returned to New York and continued performing stand-up there. He often performed at the Comedy Village, and in 2008, he performed at the Edinburgh Comedy Festival in Scotland. In 2017, Andrew put out a funny video called “4:4:1” on YouTube. Then, in 2018, he released a comedy album called “5:5:1”. The album made it to the top of the charts for comedy albums on Billboard, iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon, and Google Play. In 2021, 800 Pound Gorilla Records put out his EPs called “Brilliant Idiot” and “Views from the Cis” for people to listen online. In 2014, Schulz started doing the podcast called “The Brilliant Idiots” with Charlamagne tha God. He also helps to present “Flagrant 2” with other comedians Mark Gagnon and Akaash Singh, along with video editor AlexxMedia.

Andrew Schulz net worth  started acting in a web series called “Rise of the Radio Show” in 2009. From 2011 to 2012, he acted on a show called “Guy Code” on MTV2. In 2013, he was on a spin-off of “Guy Code” called “Guy Court. ” And in 2014, he hosted a show called “Jobs That Don’t Suck. In 2015, Schulz played the character Paul Rosenberg on a TV show called “Benders” and also had a small part on a show called “Sneaky Pete. ” “Sneaky Pete” is a show on Amazon Prime Video that was created by Bryan Cranston. In 2017, he acted as a writer named Mitch on a TV show called “There’s Johnny. He was in six out of seven episodes.In 2018, he made a special guest appearance on the TV show “Crashing” for HBO. In 2020, Netflix launched a special called “Schulz Saves America” with four parts. Andrew discussed the most talked-about topics of the year, which were widely debated and disagreed upon.

Andrew Schulz Personal Life

Andrew Schulz net worth used to be in a relationship with musician Sara Phillips, but they ended their relationship in 2015 because they didn’t feel a strong connection. The performer recovered well and got married to Emma Turner in 2021. They all live in the same place in a neighborhood called Soho in New York City.

Andrew Schulz Height and Weight

Andrew Schulz’s height is 187 centimeters.

The height is 6 feet and 1 inch.

Andrew Schulz weighs 75 kilograms.

Andrew Schulz Net Worth and Earnings

Andrew Schulz net worth  has a YouTube channel where he shares a lot of his comedy shows. The channel now has 2.75 million people who follow it, and SocialBlade. com predicts it makes anywhere from $1,000 to $16,000 each month from ads on YouTube.

His comedy shows are very popular and usually all the tickets get sold. The price for an average ticket is about $40. His podcast called Flagrant 2 has a Patreon page, and it is said to bring in approximately $1 million every year for Andrew. That’s why people think he has about $5 million.

Andrew Schulz Biggest Investments

Andrew Schulz net worth has put money into different things throughout his career. He put money into buying buildings and now he owns many properties in New York City. He has also put money into his own businesses, such as his podcast network and the products he sells. Schulz is really good at investing in the stock market, and he has earned a lot of money from his investments.

Andrew Schulz Future Goals

Andrew Schulz net worth has a few things he wants to achieve in the future. He wants to keep making more podcasts and make them popular. He also wants to keep making comedy shows and work in more movies and TV programs. Schulz wants to use his platform to do good in the world and motivate people to pursue their dreams.

Andrew Schulz Role Model

Andrew Schulz net worth is someone that a lot of people look up to and want to be like. He is a funny person who makes people laugh, performs in movies and TV shows, and talks on a podcast. He has done really well in his job. Schulz is someone who helps others and he uses his influence to support people in need.

Schulz inspires a lot of people and proves that anything can be achieved if you work hard and never give up on your dreams.


Andrew Schulz net worth has shown that he can change and do well in the changing entertainment world. He went from doing stand-up comedy to being successful online. His fearlessness in dealing with controversial topics and his sincere connection with his audience have helped him achieve success. Schulz’s wealth shows how hard he has worked, how creative he is, and how dedicated he is to his work. He keeps making people laugh and enjoy his content, and he still has a lot of impact in the comedy and entertainment world.

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