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Anthony Levandowski Net Worth

Anthony Levandowski is a man who works with self-driving cars and is known for being good at his job as a businessman and engineer. He used to be very rich, but not anymore. How much money does Anthony Levandowski have. He has negative $50 million because he had to give Google $179 million and he was unable to pay, so he had to file for bankruptcy. In this article, we will talk about how much money Levandowski has and how he earned it.

Anthony Levandowski’s Biography

Anthony Levandowski was born in Brussels, Belgium in March 1980. He was interested in technology and robotics when he was young. He went to a university in California called UC Berkeley and studied a subject called Industrial Engineering and Operations Research. He completed both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree there.

When he was in his first year of high school, Levandowski was really clever because he created a private internet system, all by himself in his basement. In 2004, a group of engineers from UC Berkeley made a motorcycle that could drive itself. It took part in the DARPA Grand Challenge. IEEE Spectrum reported on this. The Ghostrider motorcycle is now shown in a museum called the National Museum of American History, which is part of the Smithsonian Institution.

After finishing school, Levandowski started working in a place called Silicon Valley and he worked for companies like Google and 3com. When he worked at Google, he helped make Street View, Google Maps, and a cool car with no driver called Waymo. Levandowski is very important in technology and this has made him rich and well-known.

Levandowski quit Google in 2016 and created his own company named Otto. It caused problems when he left Google. CNBC said that people think he took ideas from Google without permission. This means that the person earned a lot of money because of their work and time at Google. Google paid Levandowski $120 million for helping with self-driving cars, as per reports.

Other Projects

In 2015, Levandowski started a religious group called Way of the Future along with his other works. He wanted to make a computer program that would act like a Christian God. Levandowski closed the group in 2021. The year after that, he started a free wireless network called Pollen Mobile. People in the Bay Area can get an antenna and other things to use it. Pronto’s self-driving cars use the same network.

Civil Lawsuit and Federal Conviction

In 2017, Levandowski was involved in a legal case called Waymo v. Uber is being accused of taking and keeping important secret information from Waymo, which amounts to 9. 7 GB, before one of their employees left the company. The papers with plans and drawings were said to be taken by Levandowski for his work at Uber. In 2018, Uber had to give Waymo $245 million and promise not to use their technology because of a legal dispute between the two companies.

In 2019, Levandowski was accused of taking secret information from Waymo, and the Department of Justice charged him with 33 crimes. He finally admitted to doing something wrong, and got punished with 18 months in jail and had to give $756,500 back to Waymo. He also had to pay a fine of $95,000. Levandowski was set free from jail after being there for almost six months, because the President forgave him in early 2021.


Levandowski broke the rules of his job at Google and took some of their employees to start his own company called Otto. As a result, he had to pay Google a large amount of $179 million in 2020. He declared himself bankrupt to keep himself from going broke. Lior Ron, who was Levandowski’s partner in business and a co-founder of Otto, was also involved in the situation. In the beginning of 2022, Levandowski, Google, and Uber made an agreement where Levandowski will have to pay back around $25 to $30 million. The agreement to settle was causing arguments with the US Department of Justice and California’s Internal Revenue Service. They were worried about the tax effects for Levandowski’s estate.


Anthony Levandowski has had a lot of ups and downs with his money. He started and sold tech companies to make a lot of money. But then he had problems with the law and ran out of money so he declared bankruptcy. His story shows how the tech industry can have ups and downs.

Levandowski used to have a lot of money, around $50 to $100 million. But now, he lost a lot of it because he had to pay $179 million in a lawsuit with Google. This made him declare that he could not pay his debts anymore because he owed more money than he had. His financial value dropped very low, to negative twenty million dollars.

Although there have been difficulties, Levandowski is still an important person in the area of self-driving cars. He helped create self-driving cars for Google, called Waymo, and also started two companies that make self-driving trucks. This has had a big impact on the industry and won’t be forgotten.

In May 2023, Levandowski is getting more money after making an agreement with Google and Uber around the world. His money is going up even though he still owes more than he has. His current projects, such as Pronto and the free wireless network Pollen Mobile, are still finding new ways to use self-driving technology.

Levandowski’s experience is a good example of how uncertain the tech industry can be. In this world, when people come up with new and innovative ideas, they might have to take chances or risks. Sometimes this leads to really good things happening, but other times it can result in big problems.

In the future, Levandowski will still be someone important to follow in the world of self-driving cars. His trip proves the tech industry is tough and always changing.

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