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Barbara Eden net worth is a famous American actress and singer. She is most famous for her role in the TV show “I Dream of Jeannie” from the 1960s. Barbara Eden is estimated to have a net worth of $10 million. She started her career as a dancer and model before getting her big opportunity. After that, she has been in lots of movies and TV shows, and she regularly performs her own show on the Las Vegas Strip. Besides acting, Eden has also put out music albums and written two books.

Barbara Eden Early Life 

Barbara Eden net worth was born in Tucson, Arizona on August 23rd, 1931. Barbara’s parents got divorced when she was a child, and she moved to San Francisco with her mom, Alice. Barbara’s mom got married again and had another baby, who became Barbara’s younger half-sister. Sadly, the family was greatly affected by the Great Depression and had to live with very little money. Alice sang different songs to make her children happy. This might have motivated Barbara to start singing too.

Barbara Eden net worth started singing in the church choir nearby, and she got to sing alone sometimes. When she was a teenager, she made good money by singing in nightclubs. But she also wanted to become an actress in the future. She joined Actor’s Equity when she was 16 and went to the Elizabeth Holloway School of Theatre. During this time, she also learned about singing at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music. After finishing high school in 1949, she went to City College of San Francisco for one year to study theater. During that time, she participated in different beauty contests and won the title of Miss San Francisco in 1951. After that, she took part in the Miss California Pageant.

Barbara Eden Early Career

Barbara Eden Net Worth

In 1955, Barbara Eden net worth appeared on a TV show called “The Johnny Carson Show. ” She also appeared in other shows like “The West Point Story,” “Highway Patrol,” “Private Secretary,” “I Love Lucy,” “The Millionaire,” “Target: The Corruptors. ,” “Perry Mason,” “Father Knows Best,” “The Andy Griffith Show,” and “Route 66. ” People also noticed her for her special appearances in four episodes of “Burke’s Law,” where she played different characters in each episode. In 1957, she started acting in a movie called “How to Marry a Millionaire. “

She started acting in movies after director Mark Robson found her. He saw her acting in a play with James Drury. Robson later helped her do a screen test for 20th Century Fox’s movie “No Down Payment. ” Even though she didn’t get the part she auditioned for, the studio still wanted to work with her and offered her a contract. This resulted in a few small parts before she finally got a main role in the movie “A Private’s Affair” with Gary Crosby and Barry Coe. After that, she acted alongside Elvis Presley in the movie “Flaming Star” in 1960.

During the early 1960s, she kept getting different acting jobs in different movies. She acted in several movies like “Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea,” “The Wonderful World of the Brothers Grimm,” and “Five Weeks in a Balloon. ” After that, she got another main role in the movie “Swingin’ Along” in 1962, which also starred Tommy Noonan and Peter Marshall. After finishing her work for 20th Century Fox in the movie “The Yellow Canary,” Barbara moved on to take smaller roles in different films, such as “The Brass Bottle,” for the following years.

I Dream of Jeannie

Barbara Eden net worth became famous in 1965 when she got the main role in “I Dream of Jeannie. ” The show was created to make the most of the fame of “Bewitched,” which had recently finished in 1964.Sidney Sheldon wanted to keep the success going by creating a show similar to the previous one, and after trying out several brunettes and beauty queens for the role, Barbara Eden got the part. In this important project for Eden’s career, she acted as a pretty genie who was released by an astronaut. For the next five years, Barbara mostly worked on this project, and she was in 139 episodes. She also acted as the genie’s mean, dark-haired sister during this time. In 1970, the TV show “I Dream of Jeannie” finished.

Barbara Eden After Jeannie

After the show ended, Barbara remained an important part of Hollywood. She started acting in movies like “The Feminist and the Fuzz” and “A Howling in the Woods” very quickly. In 1974, she played a woman who was made pregnant by aliens in “The Stranger Within. She was also in a popular movie called “Stonestreet: Who Killed the Centerfold Model. ” “In the late 80s, she starred in and also helped create the romantic comedy called “The Secret Life of Kathy McCormick. “

In the 1990s, Eden was an important character towards the end of the TV show “Dallas”. During that time, she also started acting in stage shows again, mostly in musicals.Barbara became well-known for her work as a voice actor on the show “Shimmer and Shine” for kids. In 2013, she was part of the opening ceremony of the 21st Life Ball in Vienna, where she appeared with Bill Clinton, Elton John, and Fergie. In that year, she also got a part in the movie called “One Song. “

Barbara Eden Memoir

In 2011, Barbara Eden net worth published a book called “Jeannie Out of the Bottle,” where she talks about her long career in Hollywood for over fifty years and also reveals information about her childhood. The text talks about some sad things that happened in her life, like when her son died from a drug overdose in 2001 and her two marriages.

Barbara Eden Awards and Recognitions

Barbara Eden Net Worth

Barbara Eden net worth was given a special award on November 17, 1988, for her great work in the entertainment industry. She received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. After being nominated for awards in 1967 and 1970, she gained a lot of praise for her main role in the TV show Jeannie.

She received nominations for her work from the Laurel Awards and Bravo Otto Germany. In 2003, she received the TV Land Award for playing the favorite character with two roles in ‘I Dream of Jeannie. ‘

Barbara Eden Achievements

Barbara Eden net worth is remembered for her skills, determination, and elegance. Her successes continue to motivate future actors and actresses across the globe. She made a big impact on the entertainment industry and will always be remembered as one of America’s most loved and famous performers.

Barbara Eden married three times

In terms of her personal life, Barbara Eden has been married several times to men who achieved different levels of success. She got married for the first time in 1958 and divorced in 1974. Her husband was also an actor named Michael Ansara. Ansara was a talented performer who also appeared on some episodes of the TV show “I Dream of Jeannie. ” In 1965, Eden had her only child, a son named Matthew, with Ansara. Unfortunately, her son passed away in 2001 when he unintentionally took too much drugs. He was 35 years old.

Three years after her first marriage ended, Eden got married again. This time, she married a man named Charles Donald Fegert, who worked as an advertising executive for the Chicago Sun-Times. Their relationship went on for five years.

After being alone for a long time, Eden fell in love with Jon Eicholtz, who is an architect and real estate developer. The couple got married in 1991. As of 2022, they are still together and happily married for 30 years. When asked how they made their happy relationship work, Eden told Closer Weekly that it’s all about understanding and caring for each other. “In 2020, she said that if you’re facing a small problem, you should try to understand and empathize with the other person’s perspective by imagining yourself in their situation. ” She also mentioned that she is thankful that her husband supports her career and independence.

Barbara Eden Age, Height & Body Measurements

Barbara Eden net worth is currently 87 years old. We don’t know how tall Barbara Eden is and her weight is also not known. We will soon provide updated information on full body measurements, dress size, and shoe size.

Barbara Eden Houses

Barbara Eden has a pretty house in Beverly Hills, California, and she has been living there for many years.

Barbara Eden Cars

We’re not sure what kind of car Eden has now, but we know she used to really like sports cars when she was younger.

Barbara Eden Nationality

Barbara Eden net worth is proud to be an American citizen. Throughout her career in the entertainment industry, she has always represented her country. She has made a big impact on American culture and has influenced the industry in many ways.

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