Best Budget Axes, Bows, Daggers and Maces in D2R

The following guide summarizes every budget D2R Axe, Bow, Dagger and Mace. You can buy D2R items from Rpgstash including the cheapest Runes and all the budget items listed in this guide.



Normal Axes

Humongous – Good early on for +33% chance of Crushing Blow, but the strength requirement is kinda high for being level 29 due to +20% requirements

The Gnasher – You can wear it from level 5 and has 20% crushing blow and 50% open wounds chance, +8 Strength. Definitely a nice starter weapon if you already have one for a melee type of build.

No honorable mentions to chase in Exceptional Axes, so we’ll jump straight to the Elite category

Elite Axes

Executioner’s Justice – very nice Axe with 50% chance to cast lvl6 Decrepify when you kill an enemy, 25% Crushing Blow, 30% ias and -33% target defense on top of nice damage.


Exceptional Bows

Kuko Shakaku – Useful at most for its fires lv7 explosive arrows and piercing attack property on top of nice extra 40-180 fire damage, +3 immolation arrow and +3 bow and amazon skills

Elite Bows

Widowmaker –  With this bow any class can use the skill Guided Arrow which can be useful in pvp, plus it ignores target defense and has 33% deadly strike on top of firing level 11 magic arrows

Windforce – Glass cannon bow with +250% enhanced damage and up to  +312 max damage based on character level so it can reach very high damage and also has knockback, +20% ias, +10 Strength and 6-8% mana stolen per hit, good high level non runeword Bowazon option


Normal Crossbows

Doomslinger – Has piercing attack, +30% ias and +1 amazon levels which makes it useful for a bowazon early on

Ichortsing – Common unique relatively weak if it wasn’t for the 50% piercing attack and 20% ias on top of +20 Dexterity which makes it good for a bowazon, but again just early on

Exceptional Crossbows

Buriza-Do-Kyanon – Similarly to Windforce it has +250 max damage total based on character level but it also has high piercing attack chance and adds 32-196 cold damage for 8 seconds, +3 freezes target, +35 Dexterity and an impressive +80% ias, usually upgraded to elite version for even more damage

Elite Crossbows

Hellrack – Adds 63 – 324 fire, cold and lightning damage, 20% ias and +100-150% attack rating plus +180-230% enhanced damage, making it a decent budget choice for ranged physical builds dealing with physical or other types of immunity due to the variety of high elemental damage tied to each attack



Normal Daggers

Gull – Usually kept in the swap to get +100% magic find for the killing blow, or just in early magic find builds since it’s available from level 4

Spectral Shard – Superb weapon early on if you need faster cast rate and mana to spam teleport for example, but gets heavily outclassed later on so unless you are playing in Classic mode I wouldn’t chase this weapon, but Wizardspike instead.

Exceptional Daggers

Heart Carver –  weapon for horker Barbarians for the swap with +4 Find Item/Potion mostly if your chance to find items is lower than 50% at least in hybrid builds, otherwise with high enough chance is just better to equip magic/goldfind weapons

Elite Daggers

Wizardspike – One of the best budget weapons in the game, simple but extremely effective for any build who needs faster cast rate, mana and resistances, as this little level 61 dagger has 50% faster cast rate, 15% increased max mana, 15% regenerate mana, +75% All Resistances and up to flat +198 mana at level 99, while leaving also the shield as an option and Barbarians are even able to dual wield them if needed.


All maces have an innate +50% damage vs undead mod and Druid has an innate attack speed bonus when using a Mace or Hammer

Normal Maces

Crushflange – Early on it is an excellent starter weapon for a double swing barb or similar physical builds who could make use of that 33% Crushing Blow chance, while the +50% fire resist is incredibly useful for the start of the game as in act 1 already shamans and other enemies will use fire attacks and you’ll take very low damage from them, it also has +15 Strength with the only tradeoff being the knockback on weapon which is not very useful for a melee class.

Elite Maces

Baranar’s Star – Decent budget weapon for a Barb or a Druid to deal with immunes in Hell with 50% ias, 200% attack rating, adds 1-200 fire, lightning and cold damage, +15 Dexterity and Strength

Demon Limb – An incredibly helpful mace mostly used to pre buff your character with level 21 enchant which lasts more than 10 minutes and gives a lot of attack rating bonus, effectively more than doubling it. Necessary if you want to avoid wearing an Angelic set amulet + ring or rings combo to get decent attack rating on builds like kicksin, frenzy barb, zealot paladin or other melee builds

Stormlash – This is an honorable mention since this one handed weapon is not as budget as most the weapons listed here depending on its rolls, but it’s worth saying that with 33% Crushing Blow, 1-473 lightning damage per hit, 30% ias, 240-300% enhanced damage, +3-9 lightning absorb and most notably 15% chance to cast level 10 Static Field and 20% chance to cast level 18 Tornado  on striking, this weapon is a powerhouse in the right hands and can even be used for Ubers

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