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Brandon Fugal net worth has made a lot of money by being successful in business. Brandon Fugal has been chosen as the EY Entrepreneur of the Year. Fugal owns Skinwalker Ranch and is a part-owner of a real estate company called Colliers International. In 2016, Fugal bought the famous Ranch, but he didn’t tell anyone until 2020. Brandon Fugal is expected to have about $500 million by 2023.

Brandon Fugal Early Life

Brandon Fugal net worth was born in Utah on April 1, 1973. Utah is a state in the U.S.A. that doesn’t have an ocean. It’s known for its natural beauty and the Mormon community. Brandon finished studying Business Management at Utah Valley University. Then he went to Brigham Young University to get a degree in Business Administration. His dad’s name was Daniel Fugal. He passed away in 2021 after battling a very serious type of cancer called carcinoid cancer and other sicknesses for a long time. His mom’s name is Jill Fugal. Brandon has 3 brothers. He liked learning about houses and buildings back then. At 18 years old, he began working as a real estate agent. He became one of the top agents very fast. In 2008, he created a company called Coldwell Banker Commercial Advisors or CBC Advisors. It has become very successful in the business world. Fugal also likes supernatural things. He is a host of a TV show called ‘The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch, which explores strange events at a ranch in Utah. Fugal bought the ranch in 2016 and using it for scientific research.

Brandon Fugal Real Estate Career

After he got his real estate license, he started working in the business real estate industry. Before, he was a senior associate at Grubb & Ellis/Wallace Associates. Fugal gained experience in real estate by working as a Vice President at Utah Realty Group. Then in 1998, he started his own company called Coldwell Banker Commercial ‘CBC. ‘ In 2018, CBC joined with Colliers International, and Fugal is still the chairman of the company. Brandon made his Coldwell office in Salt Lake City the best. One office out of 220 offices in the world. After the merger, he started a company called Colliers, which became very successful. One company that helps people buy and sell buildings and land in the Intermountain West. So far, he has worked with major clients such as Charles Schwab & Co. Inc. means “incorporated” It is a way to show that a company is a legal entity. Novell Inc The Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company and Workers Compensation Fund are two different companies that provide insurance coverage.

In 2016, he bought Skinwalker Ranch, a big property, from a very rich person named Robert Bigelow for $1 billion. He made a private agreement with Robert that no one would find out about the new owner. However, Fugal was revealed as the true owner of the large property in March 2020 during the filming of the reality show “The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch. “

In the TV show, a group of experts does a lot of research at a place called Skinwalker Ranch, where strange things like ghosts and UFOs have been seen. Brandon was really interested in starting technology companies. He started many tech companies like Axcend, Zenerchi, and Cypher Corporation.

Brandon Fugal Personal Life

Brandon Fugal net worth is married to his girlfriend from college, Lacey Anne Fugal. They have four kids together. Chase and Collin are two boys, while Harper and Haleigh are two girls. Brandon and Lacey began the Fugal Foundation in Utah. In 2019, they reached their 25th year together and had a big party. Fugal and his wife Kristen McCarthy got married in September 2021. He worked with The Younique Foundation and Defend Innocence to help people learn about the issue of child sexual abuse and its impact, along with Kristen.

Brandon Fugal Height And Weight

Brandon Fugal Height is 6 feet tall and weight 79 kilograms.

Brandon Fugal Social Media

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Brandon Fugal Nationality

Brandon Fugal net worth is from the United States. A person’s nationality is something they are proud of, especially when they do well in their job. As famous people become more well-known, people want to know more about their background and where they come from.

Brandon Fugal Assets

The Skinwalker Ranch is definitely one of Brandon Fugal’s most interesting things he owns. This place has a history of strange things happening, which makes scientists and people interested in it. But outside the ranch, Brandon owns a lot of different things. It includes many real estate properties like stores, houses, and land in very good places. These things add to how much money he has and bring in regular money from rent and leases. Besides that Brandon Fugal owns many expensive cars like Jaguar, Porsche, Lamborghini, and Mercedes Benz. The rich businessman also has a fast jet that costs him $4.5 Million Besides the fast jet, Fugal also has a smaller helicopter that costs $2.4 Million.

Brandon Fugal Achievement

Brandon Fugal has done well in real estate and has been praised for his accomplishments in the industry. Here are some of the important things he has done and the awards he has won. Coldwell Banker Commercial Advisors has been a part of many big real estate deals, like selling the Willis Tower in Chicago. This was the biggest real estate deal outside of New York City in 2015. In 2017, Fugal was chosen as the Entrepreneur of the Year by Utah Valley Business magazine. Fugal started a company called Coldwell Banker Commercial Advisors. It’s now one of the top 25 commercial real estate companies in the US according to Commercial Property Executive magazine. Fugal was chosen to be on the Utah Governor’s Economic Council in 2018. In 2020, Fugal was recognized as one of the top CEOs in Utah by Utah Business magazine.


Brandon Fugal is well-known in the real estate business around the world. Fugal has been working in real estate since he was 18 and owns many companies, so his net worth will keep getting bigger.

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