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Brandon Phillips Net Worth

Brandon Phillips is a professional baseball player and he was born on June 28, 1981. This article provides information about the well-known baseball player, Brandon Phillips, including his net worth, biography, age, height, weight, and other details for the year 2022. Brandon Phillips has become more well-known and made a good amount of money from his job.

Early Life and Education

Brandon Phillips net worth was born in Raleigh, a city in North Carolina, on June 28, 1981. James Phillips, who is Phillips’ dad, owns the Phillips Baseball Center in Pine Lake, Georgia. His sister, Porsha Phillips, plays basketball for the San Antonio Silver Stars in the WNBA, and his younger brother, PJ Phillips, is in charge of the Lexington Legends team in the Atlantic League of Professional Baseball.

Phillips was a student at Redan High School in Stone Mountain, Georgia. He took part in basketball and baseball during his time there.The school decided to stop using the number seven at Redan in December 2003. He was the top baseball player in his high school. Barry Larkin from the Cincinnati Reds was the baseball player that Phillips liked the most when he was a kid.

The Montreal Expos picked Phillips as a shortstop in the second round of the 1999 MLB draft. They chose him after he agreed to play baseball and football at the University of Georgia. Instead, he started playing for the Expos on June 21, 1999.

Brandon Phillips’ Career

Phillips moved to the Cleveland Indians on June 27, 2002, from the Montreal Expos in a trade involving six players. He had spent many years in the Expos’ training program before. Phillips gave Bartolo Colón, Tim Drew, Grady Sizemore, Cliff Lee, and Lee Stevens to the other team.

In 2003, Phillips played as the Indians’ main second baseman. He played really well in six consecutive games, which was the best performance of the season. On May 20, he hit his first ever walk-off home run against the Detroit Tigers. It was a three-run shot.

After a really bad streak of not making any hits in 29 consecutive attempts, he was moved to a lower-level team called Triple-A Buffalo Bisons, after the All-Star break. After a teammate got hurt, he was asked to join the team not long after. He then played in 44 games and had a batting average of . 208, with six home runs, 33 runs batted in, and four stolen bases. Phillips had a fielding percentage of . 981 for the whole year.

He started the 2004 campaign in Buffalo. Throughout the year, he had a batting average of . 303 and stole the ball 14 times. He also had impressive runs of hitting in 18 and 16 consecutive games. Phillips had a batting average of . 308 when he played in the minor league playoffs. He changed teams at the end of the season and played in six games for the Indians.

Age & Other Details

Brandon Phillips net worth was born in Raleigh, North Carolina on June 28, 1981. He is now 39 years old. He is 6 feet tall and weighs 205 pounds.. He is married to Tia, and they have four kids. He is someone who enjoys helping others and donates money and time to different charities and social causes.

Cincinnati Reds

On April 7, 2006, Cleveland became very frustrated with Phillips taking a long time to improve, so they traded him to the Cincinnati Reds for another player named Jeff Stevens.

He got bought by the Reds in the same month. Then, he was given the title of National League Player of the Week because he hit really well with 14 out of 31 pitches, including 3 home runs and 17 runs batted in, during the week of April 17–23. Phillips had the highest number of RBI in a week for a National League player since Sammy Sosa had 19 RBI in August 2002.

During the same month, Phillips hit his very first grand slam and successfully stole 16 bases in a row. He was the best at hitting the ball for the Reds, with 148 hits. He also had many games where he hit the ball multiple times, with a total of 36 games. He was the best at stealing bases among all second basemen in the National League. He stole 25 bases. During the season, he had two periods where he hit the ball successfully in 9 consecutive games, and he ended with a batting average of . 276, hitting 17 home runs and getting 75 runs batted in.

The 86th All-Star Game happened at Great American Ball Park. Yadier Molina from the Cardinals got chosen to play in it. During the All-Star Game, he was given Phillips’ locker in the Reds’ clubhouse. Since the 2010 fight between the Cardinals and Reds, they have made up and reconciled. Molina has a picture of their families.

The Reds fans were not happy with six Cardinals players, including Molina and Pujols, and showed their disapproval by booing them during the pregame introductions. Pujols was a former Cardinal player and was playing for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim at the time. When Molina was told that he was using Phillips’ locker, he said, “Oh, so this is Phillips’ locker. That’s interesting I should write him a message. “

On July 30, during a game against the Pittsburgh Pirates, Phillips hit two home runs and stole two bases. This made him only the fifteenth player, and the second Red player since 1901, to have a game where they hit multiple home runs and stole multiple bases.

Phillips finished the season with a high batting average. 294, ranking 16th in the National League. He also had 173 hits, which placed him eighth in the NL. Additionally, he hit 12 home runs and brought in 70 runs, while stealing 23 bases, which put him tied for second in the NL and 10th overall in the league. He was chosen as one of the best second basemen for the Gold Glove award on October 29, 2015.

Phillips played in 141 games in 2016 and hit .The person has scored 289 points, hit 11 home runs, and got 64 runs batted in. Also, he took 14 bases without permission and got caught eight times.

Did Brandon Phillips Retired?

In total, he had a batting average of . 275 and managed to steal 209 bases while getting 2,029 hits. It’s amazing to see how well he’s doing now, especially when you consider that people didn’t think he would achieve much because he wasn’t producing much early on in his career. Phillips stopped playing baseball at the professional level, even though he never officially retired.

Brandon Phillips’ Net Worth

Brandon Phillips started his job as a pro in 2002 when he got picked by the Montreal Expos in the 2000 MLB Draft. He started playing for the Cincinnati Reds in 2006 and became one of their most successful players ever. While playing for the Reds, he was chosen as an All-Star three times, won the Gold Glove Award four times, and became the batting champion of the National League in 2010. He also received a Silver Slugger Award in 2011. He has made a lot of money and gained a lot of recognition because he has done very well for many years. As of 2021, it is believed that Brandon Phillips has around $50 million in possessions and money.


Brandon Phillips is going to have a lot more money in the next few years. He is still very much a part of the baseball world and is likely to join a new team soon. By 2023, it is expected that he will have around $60 million in wealth. Additionally, he will probably keep participating in different charity and social activities, which will help him make even more money.

Brandon Phillips is a really good baseball player who has been playing in Major League Baseball since 2002. His great skills and achievements for a long time have made him very famous and valued by both fans and critics. As of 2021, it is believed that Brandon Phillips has a total net worth of about $50 million. His money is expected to go up a lot in the next few years and people think he will have about $60 million by 2023.

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