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Bryan Spies

Bryan Spies is a paramedic who hails from Blue Grass, Iowa. He currently lives in New York City.

He and his wife, Abigail Hawk, married in 2009. Despite having a hectic job, he makes time to spend with his family. He mainly works for the Fire Department of New York (FDNY) as a paramedic.


Bryan Spies is a paramedic who works in the Fire Department of New York (FDNY). He has been working for several years in this field and holds a senior position. He adores service and enjoys his career as a paramedic.

Spies is a native of Blue Grass, Iowa and he has been living in New York for a long time. He is married to Abigail Hawk and they have two children.

Abigail Hawk is a famous American actress who has worked in many films and television shows. She grew up in Marietta, Georgia and she is a Christian.

She has a very successful acting career and is considered to be one of the top actors in the world. She has earned a fortune by her work in TV shows.

She has an estimated net worth of $850 thousand and her husband, Bryan Spies, has a net worth of around $300 thousand. Their marriage has lasted for more than a decade and they have a happy family life without any major problems. They are also parents of a beautiful son.


Bryan Spies is a paramedic at the Fire Department of New York City (FDNY). He has worked in this field for several years and holds a senior position in his career.

He is a paramedic who enjoys serving people. His occupation also offers him benefits like a generous future pension and insurance for his family.

As a paramedic, Spies works for the FDNY and earns an average salary of $45,454. However, with time, this amount increases.

In addition, he enjoys benefits like medical coverage and a 401(k). He also has a 403(b) for retirement purposes.

His wife, Abigail Hawk, is an American actress who is best known for her role in the television series Blue Bloods. They got married on April 25, 2009.

The couple is blessed with two sons – one, Harlan Sheppard Spies, was born in 2012, while the other was born in 2017. They have both been happily married for over a decade now and have no signs of slowing down.

Net Worth

Ryan Spies is a senior executive leader of ESG at Clayco. He leads a team that develops holistic strategies to reduce Clayco’s overall carbon footprint, identify leading sustainable practices and solutions, and oversee sustainability services for the enterprise.

He has held a number of roles in his career, including Director of Sustainability, Energy & Stewardship for Saint-Gobain and VP of Sustainability at Clayco. He holds an MBA from Washington University in St. Louis and a BS in mechanical engineering from Lehigh University.

A YouTube personality and the son of former high school teachers, Kaji is best known for his channel Ryan’s World, which has over 28 million subscribers and more than 45 billion views. He’s also licensed his name and likeness to a variety of “Ryan’s World” products, including toys, action figures, face masks and bedroom decor.

He and his wife, Abigail Hawk, met in 2000, and they married in 2009 in Rosewell, New York. They have two children together, whose names are not publicly disclosed.


Abigail Hawk and Bryan Spies got married in 2009 after seven years of dating. They tied the knot on April 25, 2009, and are currently enjoying their happy life together.

Spies and Hawk have two sons, Harlan Sheppard Spies and Braxton Spies, who were born in 2012. The duo are very close to each other and spend a lot of time together.

The couple is not into social media and share little about their private lives. However, they do attend a few events supporting each other.

She also posted a cute picture for Father’s Day featuring her husband and their two boys. He’s holding one in his lap while feeding him.

He is a proud husband and a loving father. He works as a paramedic and firefighter for the FDNY, and enjoys a quiet lifestyle with his family. He has an estimated net worth of $300k, which he earned from his career as a paramedic and firefighter.

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