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casper ruud sisters

Casper Ruud’s Sisters

Norwegian professional tennis player Casper Ruud has two sisters. Their sister Caroline recently uploaded a video on TikTok poking fun at her brother’s signature tennis moves.

Their parents are Christian and Lele Ruud. Their father was a former tennis player (he reached the career-high No. 39 on ATP Tour).

Caroline Ruud

Norwegian tennis star Casper Ruud has two beautiful sisters, Caroline and Charlotte. They are both very talented and a lot of people follow them on Instagram.

They are both very good at social media and their photos drive their followers crazy. Recently, they made a video poking fun at their brother’s signature tennis moves.

Casper Ruud, born on December 22, 1998, is the highest ranked Norwegian player in history. He has reached a career-high singles ranking of world No. 2.

He has been very successful on the tennis court and he has many titles to his credit. His biggest victory so far was when he defeated former world number 3 and present world No. 39, David Ferrer in straight sets at the Swedish Open 2018, in July.

Ruud is a very good player and he has the potential to become the best ever in Norway. He has a great team behind him including his father Christian Ruud, who is a professional tennis coach. He also has a fitness coach and a physical therapist in his team.

Charlotte Ruud

The youngest sibling of the ATP tennis star Casper Ruud is his sister Charlotte. She is 16 years old and is a student like her brother. She is a sports enthusiast and trains tennis.

She is a great supporter of her brother’s career and she always makes sure that he’s in a good position on the court. She also travels with him to various tournaments, and she’s an avid fan of his work.

Her brother is not her only idol; she loves Rafael Nadal as well. She also likes to play golf and has even taught her boyfriend how to swing a tee.

She is not much of a talker but she is very caring, thoughtful, and a good listener. She also posts a lot of her personal feelings on Instagram, giving her an air of carefreeness.

Casper Ruud’s Family

Casper Ruud has two sisters: Caroline and Charlotte. Both of them are talented tennis players and love to travel with their father.

Their father, Christian, was a former tennis player who achieved a career-high ranking of 39 on the ATP Tour. He reached the fourth round of the 1997 Australian Open and the quarterfinals of the 1997 Monte Carlo Masters.

He also reached the third round of the 2022 French Open. His father is a great source of inspiration for him and he has often mentioned him in his interviews.

Currently, he is in a romantic relationship with Maria Galligani. They are both very happy together. They haven’t married yet but they are planning to do so soon.

Casper Ruud’s Sisters

Casper Ruud has two sisters – Caroline and Charlotte. They grew up with him in Snaroya, Baerum, Norway and there is not much information about them.

One of them is the social media person, who shares her pictures with her friends on Instagram. She has an account with over 5K followers.

The other sister is a sportsperson and trains to be a tennis player. She also has an Instagram account with 3744 followers.

As a young child, Casper was inspired by Rafael Nadal and trained at the Spaniard’s academy in Mallorca. Eventually, he began his career in professional tennis.

He is a refined Norwegian Tennis star and he is currently ranked seventh on the world positioning. He is also the highest ranked Norwegian tennis player as of now.

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