Complete Review of WorkinTool Image Converter

Are you looking for how to convert images? Do you know that most of the image converting tools online don’t work as claimed? Many image converters have fallen short when it comes to availability of premium features to enable users convert their images easily without hassle. For instance, they lack updates for modern features. Also, they are too slow in their conversion processes. The worst part is that most of these tools cost a fortune. They charge expensive fees without delivering on their claims.

Here is The Perfect Solution

With the Free Image Converter of WorkinTool, all of your problems related to image conversion have been solved. This is a software developed for “all and sundry”. Are you wondering what makes this Free Image Converter unique among others on the internet? If you do not know, this tool comes with some premium features. These will be highlighted and briefly explained below.

Easy Conversion

It is true that there are numerous image conversion tools on the internet. The problem is that in most cases, these tools are too complicated to use. They require you to have some IT skills and knowledge in order to explore their features. There is no need to be worried given what WorkinTool’s image converter can offer. This is because it is very easy to use.

Imagine being able to convert any image of your choice with few clicks of the button. The process is fast and easy. Even if you haven’t held a mouse before, it can be done within few seconds. The image conversion platform is 100% user-friendly.

The conversion process involves 3steps. These will be highlighted below:

Step 1 – Open the image conversion application.

Step 2 – Hit the button which says “Add Images”. You will need to choose the images from locations where they have been saved from the drop-down box.

Step 3 – Hit the “Start” button for the conversion process to commence. Within few seconds, you will have the same image in another file format.

All of these happen within few seconds.

Easy Conversion

High Level of Flexibility

Majority of the image conversion tools are limited in terms of the formats available. This means you can’t convert images into your preferred formats. There is no need to be worried because WorkinTool’s free image converter has managed to resolve such issue.

For the first time ever, there are numerous image formats available in one software. These could be RAW, BMP HEIC, GIF, WEBP, PNG, JPG and many more. In fact, the formats available are more than 100. You can also convert images into PDF files. Even complicated files like windows metafile, x bitmap, Tiff, X Pixmap, EPS and others can be converted.

Image Editing Features

Image Editing Features

Most software on the internet will only allow you to convert your images. This is a huge limitation. To overcome this problem, it is recommended to start using this Free Image Converter from WorkinTool. With its built-image editor, you can tweak how your images look and improve their appearances before conversion. In a nutshell, these features are:

Photo Restoration – Giving your old and outdated photos life and making them look more vibrant.

Image Effects – Completely change how your pictures look. For instance, photos can be cartoonized anyhow you want.

Pic Collage – Combine different pictures into one with stunning qualities.

Photo Background Removal – You can change background colors and add various effects to suit your project.

Addition and removal of water mark.

Compress any image of your choice with 100% quality intact.

Why You Should Trust WorkinTool Image Converter

There are many reasons why this Free Image Converter is highly recommended. For instance, it converts your images/photos without compromising their quality. This means you will still get high quality images after the conversion. Even if you have decided to use its image compression feature, the quality remains the same

Furthermore, this software has lots of satisfied users. It has been tested and proven to deliver on the big stages. This makes it one of the most extremely powerful software for image conversion. It keeps on having positive reviews from real users who have tried out its features firsthand.

How To Get Started

Using this image converter is absolutely free. All you have to do is have it downloaded to your PC. After that, you can start exploring its features without any restriction. You are just few steps away from converting any image of your choice.

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