Make Custom Car Decals Now Without Leaving Your Home

The custom car decal is a great addition to your vehicle to make it more personal and unique in the crowd. However, people are hesitant about visiting a car care shop or service center to get such things done during the pandemic. The good news is that you can customize car decals right from the comfort of your home and order the prints to be delivered at your doorstep now. When it comes to getting a good car decal, there are three major steps: designing, printing, and cutting. Let us take a closer look at how it can be done from home.

Designing decals

Prepare your work online

Three are many professional decal makers who now offer an online design studio with endless options in terms of themes and background to choose from. You can do some basic planning with pencil and paper and then start to work on these. There is no need for any coding or software knowledge to attempt it. Just use the different pops, backgrounds, fonts, and sizing options to custom design your sticker. Many providers also offer remote support for decal design, where you get the assistance of a designer at their end to take your inputs and come up with some handy designs for you to choose from.

Material and print choice

Usually, car decals are cut on adhesive vinyl now, which comes in various thicknesses and quality. You will have options to choose the right one online to club with your previously made design. Here also, if you are doubtful about making a choice right for your custom car decals, get the assistance of the experts at the service provider ends to choose the best. There are different types of color schemes and printing methodologies used, from hand cutting to die-cut machines for decal printing which you can consider. It is always better to adopt machine cutting to ensure proper shape and finish for your decal.

Applying the decal

Once the order is given after confirming the design and material, it may take two days to a week for you to get our order delivered. Further, you can attempt applying the decal to your vehicle on your own. The two ways you can adopt to install car decals are through dry and wet application methods.

You need to wash the glass or other surface where you want to apply the decal thoroughly in both cases. Next, you can peel off the vinyl’s back, and without touching the side with adhesive, you can apply the decal carefully onto the marked surface. On the wet application method, you may spray water onto the surface before applying the decal. Wet application will help avoid any air bubbles getting trapped inside. Once applied,  use a squeegee or a plastic card to apply pressure and ensure proper fixation of the decal.

As it is possible to print any design, text, image, graphic, or logo onto the vinyl custom decals, you can use it for various purposes ranging from business promotions to fun purposes. Always ensure that you use a professional design with optimum quality when making car decals for promotions.

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