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Erica Campbell Mother Died


After her mom passed away, actress and singer Erica Campbell has shared a video of her 15-year-old daughter Krista Campbell, sitting on her mom’s lap. She described her mother as a “remarkable woman.” The two were born in Los Angeles, and Erica immigrated to the United States from Cuba in 1980. She later went on to study at a college in Baltimore and was part of the Oblate Sisters of Providence. The Atkins-Campbell sisters are famous for their reality show, “Mary Mary.”

Mother’s Death 

After her mother’s death, Erica Campbell was an award-winning gospel singer and a proud mom. She was one half of the popular Gospel duo Mary. She was also a successful soloist and a successful radio and television personality. She was also the mother of three children with her husband, Warryn Campbell. They were married for 10 years and had three children together. But tragically, Tina Campbell’s life was cut short when her mother passed away.

Proud Mom

In addition to her music career, Erica Campbell is a proud mom. She is half of the award-winning gospel duo Mary. She is also a singer, reality television star, radio host, and author. She is also a mother of three. She has one daughter named Ava, who died of spinal meningitis. However, she has not been completely without tragedy. After her mother passed away, her children were blessed with a loving and caring father.


Tina Campbell is an award-winning gospel singer from the United States. She has been a solo artist, a radio personality, and a radio host. She has three daughters with her husband, Warryn Campbell. In addition to her own children, she is a mother to three other children, a daughter and a son. She was a very active singer and a mother, sharing her life with her husband and her children.

Erica Campbell Gospel Singer

Erica Campbell is a gospel singer. She and her husband Teddy Campbell are proud parents of three daughters. Their children are the same age as their mother. Their children are not related to the deceased singer, but rather to each other. They have a strong bond. In fact, she has been nominated for several Grammy Awards, including the Grammys, and the Dove. And she is still an active musician, with many fans around the world.

Erica Campbell Family

Her daughter, Erica Campbell, was born in California. She married gospel singer Teddy Campbell, a man who died shortly after she was born. The pair had four children, including one brother and a daughter, Erica. Her son, Warryn Campbell, and her daughter are her favorite things. They all grew up with her mother, and she was always there for them.


She had two brothers. One of them died of spinal meningitis at the age of eight. She was a mother of three children, including a daughter who was also adopted from China. The two siblings shared their lives in the United States. The couple lived in Chicago. Eventually, the couple married in 2011.

Nominated for Oscar

In 2017, Tina Campbell was nominated for an Oscar and a Grammy Award for her gospel music. She has also received a nomination for her solo work, and she is a prominent author and radio personality. She is survived by her three children and her husband, Warryn. She remained single for almost a year. In 2018, she was nominated for an Emmy for her best album, ‘The Love Is a Gift’, and has gone on to win numerous accolades.


In 2016, she and her sister Erica Campbell tied the knot in a beautiful wedding ceremony. The couple had four children together. They shared their lives with each other, and their mother died in an accident. Besides music, the two also shared three children. The mother was a gospel singer, a radio personality, and a writer. She had three children. Their daughter, Jasmine, died in infancy at an early age.

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