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Erin Lee and Tony Hawk married on 28 September 1996 and divorced on 18 June 2004, after a nine-year marriage. The couple has two sons, Spencer and Keegan. They have been separated ever since. Despite being a popular couple, Erin Lee and Tony Hawk have two children. The first was born on March 26, 1999 and the second on July 18, 2001. Sadly, the pair divorced in 2004.

Tony hawk has two children from his first marriage to erin lee, riley and keegan. He is currently single and has been single for a long time. He has been married to lhotse merriam, a former model and entrepreneur. They have three children together. They have a son, riley, together. The couple has been separated since 2006.

After seven years of marriage, Tony Hawk divorced erin lee. He married cindy dunbar and has two sons. The couple has two children together. Their children are riley hawk and keegan. They divorced in 2004, due to a lack of chemistry. In 2010, he married Kathy Goodman. The two are now living separate lives. They have two children together, a daughter and a son.

The two were divorced in 2004. He has two sons with erin lee and a daughter with Lhotse Merriam. The couple has two children together. Both of them have appeared on television. In 2006, he was a guest star on the ABC comedy Last Man Standing. During the season finale, he played himself in an episode of Rocket Power. He is currently middle aged and a Taurus.

In 2006, Tony Hawk married lhotse merriam. They have two children, Spencer and Keegan. He and Erin Lee are divorced. Their son, keegan, was born on July 18 2001. During the six-year period, they were married. In addition, they have two other children, who live in Los Angeles. During the same period, their two sons, lhotse merriam, are still living together.

The couple was married for 8 years. In 1994, they separated and in 2003, Erin Lee gave birth to their son, riley hawk. During the eight-year marriage, they divorced. In 1993, they had a child together. But after seven years, they split up. Currently, they are living apart and have a daughter, elma koh.

In June 2015, Tony Hawk married Cathy Goodman. In December of 1992, he and Erin Lee had their first child, Riley. The couple divorced after five years due to personal differences. Later, Lhotse Merriam and Tony Hawk married for five years. Their relationship ended in a divorce, although the couple is still in touch. The two are currently married. While Tony Hawk has had two wives, Erin is the only woman who has fathered three children.

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