God of War: Ragnarok DLC, is the Norse Saga not Over?

In the digital world, with the technology and brilliant minds of modern day, we often have products and innovations that shake the entire industry and bring it to new never-before seen heights. There is a plethora of examples to highlight throughout all the different branches of technology.

We can look at the groundbreaking and fresh AI tech, soon to take the world by storm, or perhaps, a more established piece of technology, this one in the world of digital transactions – cryptocurrencies. The same currencies studied and investigated by millions, using crypto related guides, in the hopes of profiting off the thriving market, and changing their lives for the better. 

The tech world is advancing – whether it’s finances, entertainment, or security, technologies are becoming smarter, faster, and more immersive. And similar to the pieces of tech mentioned above, the gaming world was certainly shaken by the innovative GOTY nominee, and the winner of several categories, God of War: Ragnarok. Despite some statements from the game developers about how the Norse Saga was over, there are rumors from decently credible sources that we may see a DLC expansion for the game. 

DLC rumors and the potential content

First, it is important to address where the rumors even come from. The verified user of X, formerly known as Twitter, whose entire role on the platform is to get leaks regarding various videogames, has recently tweeted out that, a project GoW: Ragnarok DLC is on its way. This user has verifiably gotten a lot of the info on the previous unannounced projects correct, but obviously, his word is by no means a guarantee. 

Regardless, this has sparked up discussions about the potential content that the expansion may hold, as well as the future of the series as a whole. This franchise is more lucrative than ever, so it is almost guaranteed to have sequels, with Kratos and Atreus traveling to more pantheons. 

If the DLC comes though, it is going to be set in the Norse lands. After the events of Ragnarok, the lot of the major Aesir gods were slain, including Thor, Heimdall, Odin, and Baldur in the previous game. However, the Norse mythology is a lot richer than just these big names, with gods such as Vidar being the most notable.

As the god of Vengeance, loyal to Odin who was recently brought down by Kratos and his allies, it is somewhat plausible that he makes an appearance, perhaps seeking retribution for the destruction of the Asgard. Though, this would raise questions about where he was when the Pantheon was at war, most are convinced that the writers will figure out a believable answer. 

Another god that has a chance to make an appearance is Forseti, who was actually name-dropped in the game by Sif, confirming his existence in the continuity, despite not having an appearance. He is known in the Myths as the god of Justice, the son of Baldur, who was also killed in the GoW 2018, giving him a justifiable cause for despising the protagonists, in addition to the fall of Asgard. 

Which of the Protagonist will the DLC feature?

This one is entirely up to speculation, but still, there are some logical arguments for both sides. Kratos has been featured as the main character in all the eight GoW games, so many find it highly unlikely that the trend stops here.

However, others believe that since this is only a DLC, it may feature exclusively Atreus as a playable character, especially considering the fact that after the conclusion of the main story, he departs on his mission to rescue the remaining giants, as Kratos continues exploring with Freya instead. In addition, while the general audience likes Atreus as a character, his combat Kit was quite limited in comparison to his father, and he is nowhere near as iconic or beloved, leading many to say that they are not ready to play a GoW game, not starring Kratos. 

This is natural as he is a new character, while Kratos has been around for decades now, perhaps leading Santa Monica studios to make not a full game, but an expansion featuring Atreus, to get fans even more warmed up to his character. His move set has an incredibly high potential in future games, as he may focus more on quickness and explosiveness, similarly to Young Kratos from the Greece Saga, as opposed to Norse, more careful and experienced one. 

The Future of GoW with or Without a DLC

Regardless of the DLC being a thing or not, Santa Monica studios has the full trust of the fans of the series, as they have yet to miss, at least with the Mainline games. While Ragnarok potentially has some loose ends that could be tied up in an expansion, the thing that mattered the most was delivered really well. 

The game completed the redemption arc of one of the icons of gaming, while introducing and fleshing out new characters that may hold the future of the franchise. All of this was managed while keeping the action and the scale GoW is famous for, in an engaging combat system and a massive world, full of interesting content and lore to explore. 

With the game director Cory Barlog clarifying the fact that all the known mythologies exist in the verse of GoW, the future of the series looks bright. Kratos may travel to many different Mythos, but his time with allies and family that he can rely on, serving a new purpose, and walking a new path. 

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