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Goldie Ryan Madden


The former football player and model is married to Converse founder and design chief John Madden. The couple has three children, all of whom are very close to their father. Their marriage ended in divorce in 2015. The couple met while working at the company and married in 2005. The pair divorced in 2015 and have three children of their own. The couple is currently unmarried. They are the parents of two sons. The family has a home in San Francisco, California.

Three Children 

Steve and Wendy Madden welcomed their third child, a daughter named Goldie Ryan. The couple, who are already parents of fraternal twins Stevie and Jack, tied the knot in 2007. The couple had been married since 2007, and the arrival of their third child was a happy occasion for them. The family now has three children, including a daughter named Goldie. The couple is also raising two other children together, a son named Liam and a daughter named Skylar.

Secret Marriage!

The couple has no official record of a marriage, but the two are expected to marry in the future. Until then, no details on Madden’s first child’s name have surfaced. Their marriage is likely a secret for now, but it’s a big step for the couple’s future. Luckily, they’ll have their new daughter before they know it.

Fraternal Twins 

Wendy and Steve Madden welcomed their third child, Goldie Ryan, in March. The couple already have fraternal twins, Jack and Stevie, and a daughter, Goldie, who is seven months old. The couple married in 2007 and had three children. They have two other sons. One of them has Autism. They plan to adopt a baby girl as soon as possible. They plan to adopt a toddler if she is not yet ready to join the family.

Daughter Goldie 

Steve and Wendy Madden welcomed their third child, Goldie Ryan, in New York City. The couple already have five-year-old fraternal twins, Jack and Stevie. The two are proud parents of their little girl, who was born in February. It is still unclear how the couple met and how they met. The two have been married for three years, and they’re planning to have a second child.

Celebrated Fifth Anniversary 

Madden and his wife, Wendy, welcomed Goldie Ryan Madden on March 8 in New York City. The baby girl was born at 7 pounds and six ounces. The couple already have two kids, Jack and Stevie, who are five years old. The family now has three children. These three new additions will add to their family. The pair recently celebrated their fifth wedding anniversary in New York, and will be married again in the future.

Sued Company

Madden’s financial affairs were closely tied to the Long Island “pump and dump” brokerage firm Stratton Oakmont. Stratton Oakmont’s co-founder, Danny Porush, lent the company money for expansion and underwrote the initial public offering. The company was ultimately sued by investors and settled a class action lawsuit for false statements. In 2001, the SEC filed charges against Madden, seeking recovery of illegally avoided losses and a civil penalty.

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