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Has Hayden Christensen been gay or straight? Whether he is gay or straight is another matter. The actor  had a leading role in several films and television series. The actor was born in 1981 and has an openly gay sexuality. He has dated many women and has been accused of being a lesbian. However, he has defended his actions, saying that he is gay only after getting confirmation from a psychologist.


Hayden Christensen was named gay a few times by various publications, but he denies the rumors. He has a very high approval rating and is a strong candidate for the Oscars. His filmography is extensive, and he has starred in over 40 films. His role as Anakin Skywalker has earned him many awards, including the Saturn Award for Best Actor and the Teen People 25 Hottest Stars Under 25.

Famous Roles

The actor’s first role was in Family Passions, a 1993 film based on a true story. His next role was in ‘Higher Ground’, which was a drama. He also had a guest appearance in a number of television series. In early 2003, Christensen voiced Anakin Skywalker in the hit television show ‘Star Wars: Rebels’.

Popular Movies

In 2000, Hayden Christensen filed a lawsuit against Disney over the treatment of LGBT actors. In June 2012, a federal judge ruled in Hayden’s favor and sent the case back to district court for further proceedings. Although there are still many questions regarding his sexuality, his success in movies like ‘Star Wars’ and ‘Higher Ground’ has helped him become an international superstar.

Unconfirmed Sexuality 

Despite a long history of homophobia, Hayden Christensen remains popular amongst gay men and women. He has appeared in a number of films, including the critically acclaimed ‘Bad’. The actor is also a member of the LGBT community’s “Academy of Young Hollywood” and the Star Wars Society. While he is not a lesbian, he has a gay relationship with Trevor Blumas.

Lawsuit Against Hayden 

A lawsuit against Hayden Christensen against Disney employees was filed in 2010. The federal judge initially dismissed the lawsuit. The case was re-filed in June 2012. It was later ruled that Hayden was gay, although he remains a proud gay man. A lawsuit filed by his former boyfriend was a mistake. He was later accused of bullying in the film industry and had to be removed.

Gay or Not?

A poll in the US found that Hayden Christensen is not gay. He is a straight man, and his sexuality is not public knowledge. A recent survey of 191 voters worldwide indicated that 87% of the respondents did not believe that Hayden Christensen was gay. This result is considered accurate 2.2 percent of the time. It is unclear whether Christensen is gay or not.

Relationship Dissolved 

Although Hayden Christensen has been accused of being gay in the past, his sexuality has not been proven. While he is a man , he is a straight male. He is a married man. A few years ago, Hayden Christensen was rumored to be gay. The relationship was dissolved after the two became a couple.

An Actor 

Despite being a gay man, Hayden Christensen is a famous actor. He has been married to Rachel McDaniel since 2001, and their relationship started in 2007. They have a daughter called Briar Rose together in 2014. During the last decade, they have been on and off. She is an outcast and has a very outspoken personality. In 2002, he had an affair with Trevor Blumas.


A star’s sexual orientation can be a defining factor for their relationships. A gay man may be able to attract a woman because they are attracted to the same gender. There are other signs of sexual orientation, including the fact that he is an Aries. Aries are not promiscuous and do not have any romantic feelings. Nevertheless, he is a gay man with a gay boyfriend.


Hayden Christensen is not openly gay, but is known to be bisexual. His sexual orientation is not an issue with his parents. The actor is openly gay and has a girlfriend and two children. Hence, it is possible for him to be gay or straight. But he is not open about his sexuality, but he does have a significant number of fans. He is an extremely successful actor and has a huge net worth.

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