How Creators Can Make Money with Membership Sites

The membership revenue model that has been pioneering the growth of several industries, have been now accessible to content creators. The membership model is the backbone of the creator economy, which is a boon for creators who can leverage it to run their subscription business and make millions.

A membership model or subscriptions allow creators to publish content that is locked behind a paywall and make it available to their fans. Creators of all niches are leveraging memberships to generate thousands of dollars as a consistent revenue source every month. It’s the same theory used by creators on sites like OnlyFans, Patreon, and other OnlyFans clone sites.

Who are subscription websites for?

Subscription websites are for entrepreneurs or content creators who want to create a business around their creative content. Including adult content creators, bloggers, fitness enthusiasts, writers, video creators, photographers, journalists, the list can just go on. It is a great option for creators who find it difficult to earn a good income using alternative approaches like advertising and affiliate marketing.

Content creators turning to memberships enjoy advantages that they won’t find elsewhere. Some of them include:

  • Predictable and recurring revenue.
  • Business owners hold the sole control of everything.
  • Doesn’t require a large fan base to find success
  • Your target audience belongs to a particular niche that is interested in your content, making it easy to sell.

Different ways of revenue generation- Subscriptions, memberships, paywall

Subscriptions, memberships, and paywalls are tools that content creators use to execute their recurring revenue models. Let’s explore the various revenue generation strategies adopted by creators.


Subscriptions are nothing but recurring payments to access content or service. Some creators implement a subscription strategy to access content without a robust membership program. Whereas some implement well-structured membership programs with different tiers of benefits and fees. Subscriptions are payment approaches that can be integrated within a membership program.


In membership programs, subscribers receive benefits from joining. For example, member benefits can include:

Exclusive content: It can be podcasts, exclusive blogs, newsletters, or even videos.

Access to the community Membership of programs receives access to an online community.

Member-only events: Be it real or online events, members receive exclusive access to events

Services: Content creators can combine professional services like online coaching or consulting as a part of membership programs.

A subscription website can run membership programs; members can log in and access its advantages. Creators deliver access through online groups, websites, email, or other mediums.

Content behind paywall

Locking content behind a paywall is a popular strategy used by creators to implement their subscriber or membership programs. For example, when visiting some new sites, you would have seen this- Once you browse a few articles, the news website will prompt you to subscribe to read more. Likewise, you can secure your exclusive content behind a paywall; say, pay $5 and unlock the content. Or pay $15 per month and unlock the access for a month.

Best practices to make money as a content creator with membership websites

Along with exploring effective ways to turn your content into revenue, let’s look into some of the best practices to help you speed up success.

Niche down

Yes, the niches decide the overall money you can make, to a great extent. It’s important that you choose a niche that is narrow rather than going broad, which will help you grow quickly.

Stay consistent

The success tips to become a popular creator who runs a profitable business, staying consistent is the key. It doesn’t mean that you have to spend all the time on social media; it just means that you must use your time wisely and focus on repurposing your content. Make sure you stay up in your niche, create core content, and distribute it across other platforms.

Build strong relationships

Once you choose a niche and create a community around it, it becomes easier to build relationships. Building strong relationships with your members will help you understand their interests, challenges, and goals and understand what type of content they want.

Set up your membership website

If you want to generate a good amount of revenue to run a profitable business, it is recommended to have your own membership website. With an OnlyFans clone script, you can build both adult and non-adult membership platforms like OnlyFans or Patreon to offer exclusive content to your audience.

Choose a clone script like Fanso, which is a membership-based creator community platform script that can help you build your online community marketplace. For the price you pay, you get 100% access to the source code, which is customizable. The OnlyFans clone script also helps you implement multiple revenue approaches where you can sell exclusive content along with digital and physical products.

Price your subscription program

When pricing your subscription programs, make sure you consider the cost of your time. Count what your content is worth as well. The quality of your content and its exclusivity must also be taken into consideration when pricing your membership programs. When pricing your programs, consider if you will run your subscription plan month-to-month or for longer terms. For example, you can set a monthly price of $30 and a 6-month subscription of $170, which is definitely less than paying $30 every month. This will help you earn more money up front and a longer time to build trust among your online community.

Create a signature offer

Create a signature offer that your subscribers deny so that you can stand out from the competition. It not only helps you establish yourself as a core content creator in your niche, but it will also help you earn a stable income.


We have covered what subscription websites are and how they are useful for content creators. The importance of making your content truly unique, from deciding your pricing to launching the subscription sites and promoting it. Implemented with multiple tools supporting subscription-based content creation and monetization have become the lucrative way to build an independent business as a creator.

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