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How Many Of The Original Beach Boys Are Still Alive


The original Beach Boys were a group of American musicians and record producers, including Brian Wilson. The band disbanded in the early 1970s after the departure of Carl Wilson. While the band is primarily known for their hit songs, they also recorded a number of albums. While there are currently only three remaining original members, the remaining two are active musicians. As of 2010, Love is the only original member of the Beach Boys.

Members of the Band

The Beach Boys’ legacy began in 1962 and had 22 No. 1 hits. Although the original members have long passed away, they are still making music as separate bands. In addition to Love, the band includes Al Jardine and Brian Wilson. The band also features Dennis Wilson and Carl Wilson, who passed away in 1983 and 1998, respectively. As of 2013, only four original Beach Boys are alive. However, many of their songs have been covered by other groups.

They are Not Extinct 

Although only three original members are alive today, they are not extinct. The three brothers, Brian, Carl, and Dennis, formed the group in the early 1960s. Their musical inspiration was Brian Wilson, who taught them how to play the piano and harmony. The four brothers were then joined by cousin Mike Wilson and friend Al Jardine. The band later shifted to rock and roll, with the three original Beach Boys making it a hit.

Icon of American music

The Beach Boys were made up of four men – Brian Wilson, Al Jardine, and Dennis Wilson. The band disbanded in 1971, and their lives were never the same. Sadly, two of the original members, Mike Love and Carl Wilson, are still alive. It’s not clear how many of the Beach Boys are alive today, but they remain an icon of American music. So how many of the original Beach Boys are still alive?

Band’s Lineup

The Beach Boys’ lineup is still largely intact. The original line-up consists of Brian, Dennis, and Carl Wilson. They were joined by Al Jardine and Bruce Johnston. The original Beach Boys were voted the 12th best rock ‘n’ roll band of all time by Rolling Stone. While they may be the only members living, they are the most influential and iconic of all.

Band’s Throughout Journey 

Beach Boys were formed in 1961 by five members: brothers Brian, Carl, and Dennis Wilson, their cousin Mike Love, and Al Jardine. Dennis, the drummer, remained in the band until his death in 1983 at age 39, and Carl, the lead guitarist, was in the band until he died in 1998 at 51. Other members have joined and left over the years.


Despite being a musical legend, the Beach Boys haven’t always been a band. In fact, the band has only had two original members: David Marks and Brian Wilson. The other five members – Scott Totten and Bruce Johnston – were added to the band in 1965. They were reunited in 1976 and are still active in their 70s. Only Christian Love and Brian Wilson are still alive.

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