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How Much Does it Cost to Install a Mini Split?

Costs associated with installing a ductless mini-split may differ depending on how many indoor units (or zones) are included in its installation. An HVAC contractor should conduct a load analysis to establish which size mini-split should be installed for each zone.

By doing this, your system will be adequately sized to effectively cool your home while preventing too much running time or premature wear and tear on its parts.

For a hassle-free installation of a ductless mini-split AC tailored to your home’s needs, it’s wise to consult an HVAC professional who can provide expert advice, and you can find more information at Anderson Air.

Cost of equipment

Cost estimates for the equipment to install ductless mini splits will depend on various factors, including home size and how many indoor units are necessary. Also consider SEER rating, which typically runs more efficiently and helps lower energy costs over time.

HVAC contractors should conduct a load analysis and select an air handler with sufficient capacity to ensure the proper performance of each indoor air handler and help homeowners understand exactly how many BTUs their system requires to cool or heat a space effectively.

Homeowners may need to upgrade electrical panels for their system to function optimally, adding up to another $500 to their total project costs. Seek professional assistance when performing such an upgrade, as it involves handling wiring and refrigerant lines.


Homeowners must consider installation costs when setting their budget for multi-room ductless systems. While DIYers may possess the tools and knowledge necessary for installing them, it is recommended to entrust this work to a certified HVAC technician instead, as doing it yourself may void warranties and pose safety hazards.

An experienced HVAC professional can perform a load analysis and install the appropriate outdoor unit and indoor air handler for a home, which ensures sufficient cooling capacity without wasteful energy consumption.

Professional refrigeration specialists can ensure all power and refrigerant lines are correctly connected between outdoor and indoor units, and upgrade services like wireless remote controls or condenser stands can improve performance, as well as help a homeowner lower utility bills in the long run while increasing the resale value and energy efficiency of their home.

Cost of accessories

Although cooling system installation costs and accessories costs should be considered when estimating how much a homeowner should expect to spend for their project, other aspects must also be considered, such as the price of accessories.

Homeowners looking for ways to conceal unsightly refrigerant lines on the exterior may benefit from adding a remote control or line cover to their ductless system, and those living in cold climates might require drain pan heaters to prevent their pipes from freezing over.

Homeowners seeking heating and cooling may also require their mini-split to include heating capabilities; this may be especially helpful for guest rooms, finished basements and garages that double as workrooms. A heat pump model will likely be necessary when this is the case.

Consideration should also be given to the efficiency of the ductless air conditioner; a SEER rating exceeding 10 will offer long-term savings through lower energy bills.

Cost of maintenance

At times, homeowners might require additional materials to install their mini split. This could range from different refrigerant lines and custom modifications needed to complete the task to purchasing custom modification materials that must be purchased to complete it successfully.

Homeowners should consider the costs of purchasing cleaning supplies for their ductless system, such as solutions, soft cloths and brushes, to maintain its efficiency and extend its life. Doing this can help avoid wear and tear on its indoor unit while remaining energy efficient.

Homeowners should consult an HVAC professional when installing a mini split to ensure it fits perfectly into their home and is outfitted with all its essential components. Improper installation could lead to expensive repairs later and increased energy bills.

Additionally, an HVAC pro can recommend which brands would best meet a homeowner’s home and budget – saving money and ensuring an extended-life system.

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