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How Tall Is Scrim


One of the most frequently asked questions that people ask about Scrim is, “How tall is Scrim?”. In fact, it is not hard to figure out. The rapper is six feet tall, which makes him a relatively average height for a rapper. He is also fairly muscular, as he sports several tattoos on his body. As of 2017, he is worth a reported $1 million dollars. But how tall is Scrim exactly?

Popularity Debut by ‘Suicide Group’

Scrim was born on April 11, 1989 in Marrero, Louisiana. The rapper has become famous after forming the hip-hop group called Suicideboys, which is only two members. He is the songwriter, singer, and guitarist for the band. The rapper is famous for his suicidal lyrics, which were inspired by his cousin Ruby Da Cherry. It is unclear whether the group is still active or not, but it has earned millions of dollars in a short period of time.

No information on Personal Life

Scrim is an American rap artist who has made his fortune by releasing a series of hit songs. He is currently 32 years old, and resides in the United States. He is an Aries, and his star sign is Aquarius. He has not yet revealed any information about his personal life, but his fans can keep up with the latest news about Scrim by following him on social media.

Suicidal Songs

The rapper was born in Marrero, Louisiana, and became a millionaire after the success of his band Suicideboys. While the group is known for its unique style, the duo only has two members, Ruby Da Sherry and Scrim Rapper. They are famous for their songs like “Kill Yourself” are suicidal. The group’s success has led them to become extremely popular.

Unique sound and Rhythm

The duo is known for their unique sound and rhythm. However, it’s not known if the rapper has a girlfriend or a boyfriend. Those who know the rapper are curious about his lifestyle and background. They are eager to know what his friends and relatives are up to, and they’d love to know the details about her.

Socially Active

Despite the fact that Scrim has a million dollar net worth, he’s not the only one who has achieved fame by working with his rap group. Both of these artists have their own social media profiles. If you’re a fan of the rap artist, you can follow him on Twitter and Instagram to stay in the loop about rumors and gossip about the artist.

Net Worth

Scrim rap career has earned him a million dollar fortune. His net worth is estimated to be at least $1 million. But it is not clear if he’s married. As a matter of fact, the rapper is not married yet. His girlfriend, Ruby Da Cherry, is the only one with whom he is associated. As a result, there are no official biographical details about the musician.


Whether he is single or married, Scrim is known for his many aliases. He is a rapper, he is more popular as a performer. He’s a rapper, so his rap career is highly anticipated. Although his net worth is unknown, he’s a well-known musician. While he’s well-known for his rap songs, his true identity is unknown. He has never been photographed and has not revealed his gender or his love life. His family and close friends are the only details about his personal life. The artist’s social media profiles can be followed to keep up with the latest gossip. You can also follow them on Twitter or Facebook to stay up-to-date on the latest news and photos about the rapper.

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