How To Be a Better Boss

Heading up a company or being a line manager comes with responsibilities and it can be hard to juggle your own workload and meet the needs of your employees. The stresses of work can leave even the most patient people short-tempered, but this brings with it many problems – increased blood pressure and other health issues in the long term and an unpleasant working environment in the short term. The atmosphere in the office will impact the productivity of everyone there, which is why it is vital to keep staff morale high.

Here’s how you can help keep your employees happy.

Be Available

As busy as you are, be available to speak with staff. Get to know them and their lives – ask about their holidays, families, and pets as well as talking about work. Let them know you are available for them if they have any questions or concerns. This could mean having an open-door policy to your office or making a conscious effort to have lunch at the same time as they do. Make clear when you are available to talk and if they want to speak to you and you are busy, be sure to offer them another opportunity to connect.

Be Approachable

An approachable nature goes a long way and staff are more likely to go above and beyond if you have a calm, friendly demeanour. This doesn’t mean you can’t have standards or high expectations (or that you can’t pull up staff who aren’t doing their job properly). Patience and politeness go a long way in the workplace.

Be Fair

Treat all staff fairly and, dependent on their contracts, apply the same conditions to each of them. Equality & diversity in the workplace are to be celebrated and businesses find their company is more successful because of this. Not only do employees feel valued and motivated but your reputation as an employer will rise. Not only does this increase staff retention but many businesses find it brings in a higher calibre of applicants next time you advertise.

Be a Leader

As a boss you are expected to lead but being a leader doesn’t mean dictating. The best leaders are those who listen to the opinions of others and assess the options before making the right choice. Value the opinions of your team and weigh them up. This is better than making a rash decision and, so long as you can justify why you are making the choice you are, you will be respected for working collaboratively.

Be Honest

Everyone appreciates honesty and creating an environment where honesty is the best policy makes for a happier workplace. Don’t make promises you can’t keep and be honest about problems that may arise. An open discourse is a valuable tool.

If you can follow these mantras, stay up to date with your professional development and be reliable with a strong work ethic, you will have all the attributes needed to be a fantastic boss.

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