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The Real Name of IG Model Hot Sauce

Drake is a famous rapper who is into music, rapping, and acting. He is considered one of the most famous artists in the world and has an enormous fan following.

The latest controversy is involving an Instagram model who claims that Drake put hot sauce in his condoms after they had sex. It’s a very bizarre claim and Drake has responded to it.

Real name

The real name of ig model hot sauce is a mystery among fans and the general public. She has created a controversy around her relationship with one of the biggest rappers in today’s times and there is a lot of hype surrounding her name.

According to a Tuesday report, an Instagram model asserted that she had a sexual intercourse with Drake a few weeks ago. After the duo finished, Drake placed spicy sauce into his used condom.

She went to the bathroom to dispose of the condom and realized that there was a savory seasoning inside it. She then inserted the tossed condom into her private part with a motive to impregnate herself.

Canadian rapper, Aubrey Drake Graham, better known as Drake, has been dragged to court after it was alleged that he put hot sauce into his used condom. The model has claimed that the rapper attempted to trap her if she fell pregnant with his child, and is now interested in pursuing legal action.

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Drake is a big name in the music industry and has an immense fan following. He’s a rap artist and has also released several hit songs.

On Tuesday, an Instagram model alleged that rapper Drake put hot sauce in his used condom after they had a physical encounter. This story has since gone viral on social media and it’s even made headlines in the mainstream press.

IG model hot sauce has made quite a name for herself by posting photos of her casual partner with the rapper. It’s a well-known fact that Drake has a large number of ladies admirers who have been caught getting intimate with him.

The name and picture of IG model hot sauce is being examined on Reddit alongside pictures of prospective lovers, but her actual identity has yet to be discovered. She is a very interesting case study, and we hope to learn more about her. Until then, we’ll just have to be satisfied with the hilarious comment section she has been baffled with.

Social media accounts

Instagram model hot sauce name has several social media accounts on which she posts photos of her prospective lovers. However, her true identity remains unknown.

According to reports, the model met Drake on Instagram a few weeks ago and decided to link up. After a night of partying, they went back to his hotel room. They smoked marijuana and had sex.

Apparently, she snuck into the bathroom after Drake got rid of his c@nd@m and tried to impregnate herself. She was shocked to see that the condom was brimming with hot sauce instead of sperm!


IG model hot sauce name is a social media personality who recently made a bizarre claim about putting hot sauce in her used condom. The incident has since gone viral on Instagram and fans are curious to know more about the model.

Several people are asking who the model is and who she is with. Despite rumors and theories being spread online, it’s still unclear whether she’s Drake’s ex Brittany Renner or maggiesmuffinss.

According to the model, she and Drake had a physical relationship a few weeks ago. She then claims that Drake poured hot sauce in her used condom after they had S x.

It was an incredibly unpleasant experience for the model and she threatened to sue Drake for this alleged act. In response, the rapper dropped a subtle reply on Instagram.

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