Investigating the Best Amanita Gummies: Which Brand is #1?

There is a growing trend towards using Amanita muscaria, sometimes nicknamed the “fairytale mushroom.” Contrary to what you might have heard, amanita is NOT deadly. However, it is not a good idea to consume it raw as it could cause unpleasant effects. 

It is also incorrect to say that the mushroom contains psilocybin, the psychedelic compound in shrooms. Therefore, amanita is currently legal in every American state except Louisiana. 

Despite the possible beneficial effects of amanita, not everyone is a fan of how the mushroom tastes. Fortunately, many brands now sell amanita gummies, a delicious way to see what the fuss about this famed fungus is all about.

This article analyzes five companies known for offering the best amanita gummies, and there is little doubt about the #1 entry. 

1 – VidaCap


Let’s begin with the seller of the best amanita gummies on the market; VidaCap. The American company recently added amanita to its expanding list of mushroom offerings. For the record, the brand also sells lion’s mane, cordyceps, Reishi, turkey tail, and chaga mushroom capsules.

But its amanita gummies are really hitting the spot, according to the company’s legion of customers. VidaCap doesn’t complicate matters by selling a wide range of flavors or concentrations. Instead, it sticks to the basics and is so much better for it. 

The brand’s amanita gummies contain 500mg of extract per gummy. Apart from the main mushroom compounds, muscarine, ibotenic acid, and muscimol, there are relatively few additional ingredients. You have cane sugar as a sweetener, MCT oil and a handful of other components. It’s also noteworthy that VidaCap uses pectin instead of gelatin. This ensures that the best amanita gummies on the market are suitable for vegans.

The brand also offers a lab report highlighting the ibotenic acid and muscimol content. As far as amanita is concerned, the higher the muscimol level, the better. VidaCap’s gummies are rich in this potentially beneficial compound, with most of the ibotenic acid removed via decarboxylation. 

Incidentally, the gummies are delicious to the point where you may think you’re eating regular candy for a moment. 

2 – Premium Jane 

Premium Jane

In some ways, we have a second-placed brand that’s perhaps a little unfortunate to only receive the silver medal. Only for the existence of VidaCap, Premium Jane would be selling the best amanita gummies on the market.

Premium Jane is all about growth. The Scottsdale-based brand began with a handful of CBD products and eventually expanded to include other cannabinoids. Amidst the company’s attempts to dominate the Australian market as it has the American one, Premium Jane also decided to get involved in amanita.

The result is an exceptionally solid product that tastes great and has the desired effects according to consumers. Its amanita gummies are available in a tasty Berry-Mango flavor, each containing 500mg of extract. American customers get free shipping on their orders; the gummies are vegan-friendly. 

3 – Trusted Mushrooms

Trusted Mushrooms

When you first click on the amanita gummies page of Trusted Mushrooms, the eye is drawn towards the amount of extract in each gummy. Denver’s amanita mushroom gummies are marketed as having 5,000mg of extract apiece, approximately ten times the industry average.

Upon closer inspection, this is due to the use of Mushroom Ultra-Sonic Cavitation technology. According to Trusted Mushrooms, this trademarked technology boosts bioavailability by 10x. It achieves this by breaking down the chitin in amanita and unlocking its active compounds.

This is great news for amanita lovers, and judging by the product reviews, the public loves this product. The fact that it is vegan-friendly is a plus.

However, the big dark cloud in the sky is the lack of available lab reports. Certainly, they aren’t available on the product page, nor are they apparent on the company website. Without certificates of analysis, we can’t go along with the idea that Trusted Mushrooms sells the best amanita gummies on the market. Yet, it is a reputable brand with a loyal following. 

4 – SporesMD

This Arizona-based brand entered the market with its psychedelic blend amanita gummies. It is interesting that the company uses such language when most other sellers want to point out the lack of psilocybin in their product. Of course, like every other product on this list, SporesMD does NOT include the hallucinogenic compound in its gummies.

On the plus side, SporesMD creates its products in a certified ISO7 cleanroom, so customers should receive high-quality, safe products. This matters a great deal in an unregulated industry. 

Rather than focusing on amanita, the brand has created an interesting blend. Each gummy contains a combination of amanita, cordyceps, and lion’s mane, with a combined total of 300mg of extract per gummy. On the one hand, you’re likely to receive a lower level of muscimol than in other brands. On the other, you get the power of three mushrooms in one serving. 

Like most other amanita sellers, SporesMD uses pectin in its gummies to ensure it is suitable for vegans. However, it suffers the same issue as most sellers in the market; a lack of third-party lab reports. The brand claims to use 100% fruiting body extract and also suggests that its mushroom nano extract is triple extracted and up to ten times stronger than what rival companies sell. The trouble is, where’s the proof? 

5 – Galaxy Treats

Galaxy Treats

The last brand to enter the list of best amanita gummies sellers is Galaxy Treats. It certainly uses interesting marketing terms when describing its products. Called ‘Moon Shrooms,” the brand’s amanita gummies contain 750mg of extract and can give you a psychedelic experience. Yet, the brand clearly states that its gummies contain no psilocybin!

In any case, Galaxy Treats sells its amanita gummies in several flavors, including Blueberry, Strawberry, and Mango. Unlike the other brands listed on this page, Galaxy Treats includes gelatin in its gummies, meaning they are unsuitable for vegans and vegetarians. 

The existence of lab reports is a major plus, however. These reports range from being highly detailed to only showing proof of a lack of toxins, depending on the product. For instance, the 6000mg Strawberry Moon Shrooms report doesn’t outline the muscimol content of the product. However, the 7500mg Blueberry Moon Shrooms does, indicating that each gummy has a reasonable 10.52mg of muscimol per unit with the ibotenic acid content “not detected.”

Overall, Galaxy Treats is a solid amanita gummies seller and deserves its place on this list. Its gummies taste great, and the packaging is interesting, to say the least.

The Final Word on the Best Amanita Gummies on the Market

At present, there are relatively few sellers of amanita gummies. Even fewer products come from reputable brands that offer third-party lab reports. The truth is the amanita market is poorly regulated, so it is unwise to choose an unknown seller. 

Instead, you should stick with the small number of well-known brands. The likes of VidaCap and Premium Jane are renowned for the quality of their products. These organizations built their reputations over time and are now reaping the rewards. 

Ultimately, VidaCap’s decision to keep things simple has paid dividends. Its amanita gummies taste delicious, contain a high level of muscimol, and have lab reports to prove it.

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