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jaelynn blakey

Jaelynn Blakey

Jaelynn Blakey is a former girlfriend of the famous sports player Aaron Donald. The pair met in high school, and dated for many years.

They had a beautiful relationship and they became doting parents to two kids, a daughter and a son. However, they separated in 2019.

Jaelynn Blakey is a former girlfriend of Aaron Donald

Jaelynn Blakey was Aaron Donald’s girlfriend before he became an NFL player. They were together for a long time and had two kids. They split up a few years back but are still good friends.

She is a Christian and quite religious person. Her social media accounts are private and she has refrained from talking about her personal life recently.

Her profile on Facebook states that she is from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and graduated from Penn Hills High School in 2010. She often shows support for her boyfriend on social media by wearing Rams paraphernalia and his jersey.

During their relationship, they had a lot of fun and spent much time with their children. The eldest daughter, Jaeda, was born in April 2013 and the son, Aaron Jr., was born in April 2016.

The couple separated but both Jaelynn and her former partner are on good terms. They keep their children and stepmother, Erica Sherman, together as they try to move forward.

Jaelynn Blakey is a nurse

Jaelynn Blakey is a nurse and a former girlfriend of NFL player Aaron Donald. She is also the mother of two kids, a daughter and a son. She is a proud mom and spends most of her time caring for her children.

She and Donald met in high school, and their love grew as they dated for several years. During their time together, they welcomed their first child, Jaeda Donald in April 2013, and their son, Aaron Jr. in April 2016.

Currently, she lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She is a die-hard Rams fan and enjoys cheering on the team with her Facebook account. She shares photos of her beloved Rams and also posts videos featuring her boyfriend.

Her social media presence is limited to her Facebook account, but she does post the occasional photo of her two kids. She also has a Twitter account that is accessible under her name, but she isn’t very active there.

Jaelynn Blakey is a TikTok star

Jaelynn Blakey is an American TikTok star who has earned a massive following for her hilarious videos. She has also collaborated with other well-known TikTok stars like Jalaiya Bartley.

She was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and is a devout Christian. She doesn’t have her exact birth date, but she does share information about her parents, father, and siblings.

Aaron Donald is Jaelynn Blakey’s boyfriend and he is a defensive tackle for the Los Angeles Rams of the NFL. They met during high school and became first-time parents in 2013.

Their daughter Jaeda was born in April 2013, and their son Aaron Jr. was born on April 6, 2016.

Jaelynn Blakey is currently spending most of her time taking care of her kids, as she and Aaron have been posting adorable photos of them on Instagram. In fact, they have even dressed up as The Incredibles characters for Halloween in 2016.

Jaelynn Blakey is a YouTube star

Jaelynn Blakey is a YouTube star who is known for her videos on self-love. She has been making videos for a while now and has gained an impressive following. She is also a great inspiration for many people.

She is an American and has been born to a Christian family. She grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and was educated at Penn Hills High School.

Despite her age, she looks extremely beautiful and has a lovely smile on her face. Her eyes are dull earthy colors and her hair is black. She is the ideal size, weight, and body type.

However, her other measurements like dress size and shoe size remain a mystery. She is currently dating Aaron Donald and the two are parents to a daughter and son, Jaeda and Aaron Jr.

Aaron and Blakey dated for years before breaking up in 2019. After the split, they both have moved on with other relationships but they still share a good relationship as a family. The two kids live with their father and Blakey also gets to see them often.

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