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James Cross Roxanne Shante


Mahershala Ali plays James Cross, the baby daddy of Roxanne Shante’s son. The two met in high school and became lovers, and Roxanne gave birth to their son, Kareem, when she was fifteen. The relationship was based on physical abuse, and Roxanne eventually left James Cross and her son when he was just two years old. The couple later separated and the actress paid James $10,000 to get her child back.

Moonlight Movie

In the movie Moonlight, Shante portrays James Cross, a man who was abusive to his wife. The two met at a nightclub, where Shante worked as a manager. She later married a boxer who had a long history of drug and alcohol abuse. They married and had four children. Roxanne Shante is currently living in New Jersey and running an NGO, Mind Over Matter. She also does live performances and appears on TV shows.

Age Difference 

Although she was much older than Cross, the two were still romantically involved. After the marriage, Roxanne Shante began dating a boxer. The couple had four children and later reconciled. Their relationship was so abusive that Shante was forced to leave the house when her son was two. But in a recent interview, she revealed that her husband was abusive and left the house when he was two.

An Inspiration 

Despite her young age, Roxanne Shante has been an inspiration to women of all ages. She had an abusive relationship with her baby father when she was just a teenager, and he grew to love her. The couple later divorced and separated, and Roxanne has four children of her own. She lives in New Jersey, runs an NGO called Mind Over Matter, and occasionally performs. She has also made guest appearances on television.


Despite being older than the actor who plays James Cross in Moonlight, Roxanne Shante had a troubled life. She was raped by her boyfriend, and he ended up leaving her house before her son could even speak. Her traumatic experiences with her family led to her rapping career. She has since become a famous singer, but it was only a matter of time before she had to leave home again.


She was married to a boxer and had four children with him. She had a son at age 14 and he was an abusive person. She managed to get the boy to rap, but was bullied and threatened. In 1984, she decided to change her name to Roxanne. The movie became a sensation and became a household name. She has also appeared in many television shows and interviews.

Hip Hop Artist 

After the release of her first record, Roxanne Shante changed her name to Roxanne. The scandal caused over 100 records relating to her. She continued to rap and was a renowned hip hop artist. She has also fought with Krs1 – Boogie Down Productions. The biopic based on her life will star Chante Adams as Roxanne. The film will also focus on her early life and her battles with her abusive boyfriend.

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