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Jeff Foxworthy net worth is a famous person from America who does many things like acting, writing books, making people laugh, creating shows, and writing stories. He has a lot of money, around $110 million. If you are involved in comedy, you probably recognize him as a comedian. If you work in TV, you probably know him as a popular TV actor. He is also known by the names Ron White and Larry the Cable Guy.

Jeff Foxworthy Early Life

Jeff Foxworthy net worth was born in Atlanta, Georgia on September 6, 1958. His parents are Carol and Jimmy Foxworthy. His dad worked as a boss at IBM. Foxworthy finished high school at Hapeville High School and started college at Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta. Unfortunately, he did not finish and dropped out before completing his degree. For the next five years, he worked with his father at IBM, taking care of mainframe computers. He would often make jokes at work, and his colleagues encouraged him to participate in a comedy contest called the Great Southeastern Laugh-off at the Punchline comedy club in Atlanta. He started in 1984, won the competition, and began working to become a comedian.

Jeff Foxworthy Career

Jeff Foxworthy Career

Jeff Foxworthy net worth started working at IBM as a maintenance worker for big computers. He enjoyed making his co-workers laugh more than doing actual work, so he decided to become a comedian for a living.

In 1984, the Atlanta Punchline comedy club said they would have a “laugh off” competition. His friends at work encouraged him to take part. Foxworthy won the contest and chose to leave his job.

He became one of the top comedians in the industry because he had a special and funny way of doing comedy.1 on the Billboard Top Country Albums chart. Foxworthy, a well-known comedian, popularized the phrase “You Might Be A Redneck If…”. The music is ranked at number 38 on the Billboard 200 chart.

Foxworthy won prizes such as the People Choice Awards in 1996 and the Personality of the Year award in 2001.

Jeff Foxworthy net worth had a radio show called The Foxworthy Countdown. He hosted this show every week from 1999 to 2009. The radio show had popular songs and talked to famous people from different countries.

The show did really well and was on for more than ten years. Afterward, he started a group called Blue Collar Comedy Tour that performed funny shows. The team went to different places in the U. S and did shows. They became very famous.

In 2004, he put out his funny CD, and it went straight to the top of the comedy charts. It was also sold in many places across the United States. After going on a comedy tour, he made a TV show called Blue Collar TV for the WB network. The show was on TV from 2004 to 2006. The comedy tour became very popular, so the group decided to make and sell three DVD movies.

Jeff Foxworthy is a really good comedian who has done really well in his career. He has made lots of people laugh and has also been on the radio, written books, and hosted TV shows.

Jeff Foxworthy Writing Career

Jeff Foxworthy net worth has written many books. In 1989, he wrote a book called “You Might Be a Redneck If…”. In 1996, he wrote an autobiography called “No Shirt, No Shoes, No Problem. In 2005, he wrote two books: “The Redneck Grill” which is a cookbook, and “Redneck Extreme Mobile Home Makeover” which is a book full of his redneck jokes.He has also written a series of three books called “Jeff Foxworthy’s Redneck Dictionary” which were published from 2005 to 2007. In February 2008, Foxworthy came out with his first book for kids called “Dirt On My Shirt. ” After that, he released two more books for kids in 2009 and 2010. He has written two books with another person and drawings by Layron DeJarnette. The books are called “How to Really Stink at Golf” from 2008 and “How to Really Stink at Work, A Guide to Making Yourself Fire-Proof While Having the Most Fun Possible” from 2009.

Jeff Foxworthy His Awards And Achievements

Jeff Foxworthy net worth has won big awards like the ‘American Comedy Award, USA,’ the ‘People’s Choice Awards, USA,’ and the ‘Academy of Country Music Awards Gene Weed Special Achievement Award. ‘ He has also been nominated for important awards like the ‘CableACE Awards,’ the ‘Daytime Emmy Awards,’ and 5 ‘Grammy Awards. ‘

Jeff Foxworthy Personal Life

Jeff Foxworthy net worth

Religion is very important to Foxworthy. He tries to use the bible to help him every day. He teaches the homeless about the Bible every week.

His wife’s name is Pamela Gregg. They got married on September 18, 1985. They have two girls called Julianne and Jorden.

Foxworthy has achieved a lot and has a lot of money, but his life seems normal or like everyone else’s. He started to love spending time outside and hunting when he was a teenager in Georgia.

Jeff Foxworthy Nationality

Our recent study shows that Jeff Foxworthy is from the United States. People feel proud of their nationality when they are successful in their jobs because it shows what their country has achieved. When someone becomes famous, their country becomes linked to their name and is seen as important too. Many people are interested in knowing where their favorite celebrities or stars come from.

Jeff Foxworthy Age & Height

Jeff Foxworthy is now 62 years old. He is very tall, measuring six feet, and he weighs around 180 pounds.

Jeff Foxworthy Real Estate

Jeff Foxworthy net worth and his family lived in a big fancy house in Alpharetta, Georgia, which is close to Atlanta. The house was said to be worth slightly under $2 million. He put this house up for sale in 2021 with a price of $2.99 million, and it was sold after being on the market for six months.


Since 1984, Foxworthy has been working in TV and he has also written many popular books. He has achieved many things that people know about, such as winning a big competition called the Southeast Laugh-Off, selling a lot of CDs with redneck comedy and making millions of dollars from it, getting nominated for Grammy awards, and going on a tour where he performed comedy for working-class people.

He is a famous comedian who is also a Christian and cares about the environment. He was raised with lots of funny people, which made him want to be a comedian too. 

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