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There are a lot of questions that have been raised about the man who goes by the name Jimboboii on the Twitch video streaming platform. The truth is that Payton Gendron is a real person, but his online accounts are not. This is despite the fact that he has many followers. While most of them are innocent people, they are being killed in the process of recording his video.

Viral on Many Social Media Sites

The young man who was arrested for posting the video is only 18 years old, but he managed to record the entire incident and upload it on the Twitch network. The video was shared on numerous social media sites, and many people viewed it. The video has caused Jimboboii to face many legal repercussions, but it’s unknown whether he knew the rules of the Twitch network when he uploaded it.

Streamed  Live

Whether it’s racial hatred or racial bias, the Jimboboiii video is unsettling to anyone who watches it. In it, the video shows Jimboboiii shooting four people in the parking lot and one in the store. His violent video was then streamed live on his Twitch channel.


While the video itself has been taken down, screenshots have been circulating around the internet. Payton Gendron, the man who goes by the name Jimboboiii on Twitch, has been arrested the same day. He was arrested on Saturday night, and is now in custody. Despite the controversy surrounding his Twitch video, the young man is still active on the PC gaming site Steam.

Police Custody 

Jimboboiii was streaming a video of the Buffalo shooting live on Twitch. The video shows the entire incident. Gendron has since pleaded not guilty to the charges and is now in police custody. While he may have been a suspect in the shooting, he is still a dangerous individual.

Unclear Murders

Payton Gendron, also known as Jimboboiii, was arrested for shooting a grocery store in Buffalo, New York while live-streaming it on the Twitch platform. The video is becoming an internet sensation, with more people searching for information about the incident. The police are investigating his video and are pursuing the case. It’s not clear whether he is guilty of the murders, but this case has generated plenty of attention for him.

Ongoing Investigation 

In a shocking twist of events, a Twitch streamer who lived in Broome County has been arrested. He drove from Broome County to Buffalo and began shooting at grocery store workers and customers. Although the police are on the hunt for the shooter, Jimboboii has transformed himself into a terrorist in the minds of all viewers. The investigation is ongoing, but it will soon be revealed whether Jimboboii is guilty.


Hundreds of people have commented about this video and its author, and the question of whether it is true has increased the curiosity of users. Many people have searched for the video, and many have also expressed their own opinions on the video. As a result, the video is gaining popularity.

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