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When it comes to stand-up comedy, Jo Koy net worth is a well-known person in this field and has been in the spotlight for more than ten years. Jo is really funny and he makes people laugh by talking about his mix of Filipino and American cultures as well as everyday life. People all around the world really like him. But, how much money does the successful comedian have, and how does he earn it. In this article, we will give answers to these and other questions.Okay, let’s begin and find out all there is to know about Jo Koy’s net worth, career, and other details.

Jo Koy Early Life

Jo Koy net worth was born in a place called Tacoma, which is in Washington. This happened on June 2, 1971.His mother worked as a manager for a Filipino rock band, while his father was in the United States Air Force based in the Philippines. Later, when Jo was just 13 years old, his parents split up, and his mother had to take care of all the children by herself.

After some time, Jo’s family moved to Tacoma, which is in Washington. Right after Jo graduated from high school, they moved once more to Las Vegas. Jo got his stage name because his family called him that when he was a child. However, Jo has repeatedly acknowledged that his mother is the reason behind his successful career. He said that his mom used to tell him to join talent shows at school and perform spontaneous shows for their loved ones.

After Jo completed school, he got accepted into the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, for his graduation. At that time, he appeared to like studying business and economics but later quit because he wanted to become a standup comedian.

Jo Koy Career

Jo Koy net worth started doing stand-up comedy in the middle of the 1990s in Las Vegas. People started paying attention to him when he became a regular performer in the show called “Catch a Rising Star” at the MGM Grand. This made him want to go and live in Los Angeles. After his performance at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Jo decided to rent the Huntridge Theater. He then went from one house to another, selling tickets for his own comedy shows. Later, he got asked to be a guest on BET’s show called “Comic View”. After that, he won many comedy awards and performed in famous shows and tours. He has appeared on two seasons of the show called “Comic View. ” ” The comedian also starred in other TV stand-up shows like “Jamie Foxx Presents: Laffapalooza. Jo has won a contest called Showtime at the Apollo. Jo has also been on different episodes of VH1’s shows called “I Love the ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s. “

He often appeared as a guest commentator on the show “Chelsea Lately,” making over 100 appearances as a regular guest on the roundtable. Koy was one of the very few comedians who got a big round of applause when he performed on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno”. Koy has often appeared on “The Adam Carolla Show”. He has his own podcast called “The Koy Pond” on PodcastOne. He also showed up on the Tru TV show “World’s Dumbest” and “New Millenium.Koy was invited back to the Montreal comedy festival called “Just for Laughs” where he won a special Canadian Gemini Award. Koy has also performed stand-up comedy on Carlos Mencia’s Punisher Tour in front of thousands of fans in big arenas and stadiums all over the country. Jo Koy and comedian Michael Yo began a podcast together called “The Michael Yo and Jo Koy Show” on July 23, 2012. Jo continues to travel and perform shows across the United States, and also appears as a guest every week on the podcast “The Adam Carolla Show. “

Jo Koy net worth made two funny shows for Comedy Central called “Don’t Make Him Angry” and “Lights Out.His third performance, called “Jo Koy: Life from Seattle,” is available on Netflix and was released on March 28, 2017.Koy had a comedy show on Netflix in June 2019 called “Joy Koy: Comin’ In Hot. ” In February 2019, Koy did two comedy shows in Aspen, Colorado for the last night of the Aspen Laugh Festival. On June 12, 2020, Koy and Netflix worked together to release a new funny show called “Jo Koy: In His Elements. ” The show had performances by Filipino American comedians, DJs, and the B-Boys. In 2022, Jo Koy put out a funny show called “Live from the LA Forum” and a movie called “Easter Sunday.In the year 2023, he will be using his voice in a Netflix cartoon called “The Monkey King”. 

Jo Koy’s Wife and Son

Jo Koy Net Worth

Jo Koy net worth was married to Angie King, who is also known as Nura Luca. Angie King is a singer and songwriter. Jo and Angie got married in 2003 and they have a son named Joseph Herbert Jr. He is often talked about in Jo’s comedy performances and is also seen at his shows.

In 2013, Jo and Angie chose to end their marriage, but they both take care of their son together and are still good friends. They like to go to events together and think of each other as their closest friends.

Jo Koy Net Worth And Salary In 2023

As of 2023, it is believed that Jo Koy has a net worth of $15 million. He is a comedian from America who has been doing shows since the mid-1990s. He made funny shows on Netflix and Comedy Central, and he also acted in movies and TV shows. Koy is famous for making people laugh with his funny stories about growing up in a Filipino-American family and his special bond with his mom. He is famous for pretending to be famous people like Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley.

Jo Koy net worth makes most of his money from doing stand-up comedy shows. He usually gets paid between $50,000 and $100,000 for each performance. He earns money when he appears on TV, acts in movies, and sells merchandise. In 2022, Koy went on a big comedy tour all around the country and made more than $10 million.

Jo Koy is a well-liked comedian who has a lot of fans. He is famous for making people laugh and being able to connect with them. He has done really well in his job in the entertainment industry.

Jo Koy Real Estate

In the year 2013, Jo bought a very big and expensive house in the hills of Studio City, California. The property is half an acre big and has many buildings, a pool, and Jo’s podcast recording studio. From 2013 to 2021, Jo would drive on a curvy road to reach his big house. The road went through a small property with a 2-bedroom house measuring 1,000 square feet. In July 2021, he spent $1.4 million to buy that small property and make his compound bigger.

In July 2023, Jo spent $10 million on a big house measuring 8,000 square feet located in Summerlin, Nevada. Koy’s mansion is in a private golf community. It has 4 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, and was made in 2011. At about the same time, he made $20.5 million by selling his big house in Ascaya, located in Henderson.

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