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Romantic Relationship 

If you are wondering if Jordan Fisher is gay, you are not alone. The actor, singer, and multi-instrumentalist has been rumored to be dating a man named Alex. However, his romantic relationship with Alex has been kept under wraps. He has many fans who claim that he is gay and that he is happily married. But is Jordan Fisher gay? Or is he just keeping his love life private?

Love Life

While many people believe that Jordan Fisher is gay, he has never made a public display of his relationship. He is currently in a long-term relationship with Ellie Woods, and they are planning to tie the knot in 2020. The actor has flirtatious posts on his Instagram. During 2017, she introduced her girlfriend, Ellie Woods. The two met in London, England, and were later seen sharing Valentine’s Day pictures.

Denied the Reports

It is not known for certain, but some believe that Jordan Fisher is gay. His girlfriend, Ellie Woods, has denied the reports and has said that he’s a gay. She says she’s not, but if he is, she’ll tell you. Although he’s never acknowledged her sexuality publicly, it doesn’t mean he’s not. Even though he’s reportedly gay, Jordan Fisher has been out to the public for a long time, but he’s never confirmed his identity.

Harsh Background 

Jordan Fisher’s biological parents are not known. He was adopted by his maternal grandparents, who were unfit for raising their children. Their mother and stepfather have both been accused of drug abuse. As for his other siblings, he is married to Ellie Woods, who is not a lesbian. She has two younger brothers and two sisters, Cory and Trinity. His mother has denied the accusations against her. He and his family live in Los Angeles.

His Long Term Partner 

Jordan Fisher is bisexual and has a partner, but he has never revealed his relationship. His girlfriend Ellie Woods, is a model who has been dating for a long time. He has always been flirtatious on Instagram, but she has never shown a girlfriend publicly. They are engaged to be married in 2020. They’ve been in a relationship since 2016 and are expecting their wedding in 2019. If you’re wondering if Jordan Fisher is gay, then this article may be for you. It’s never too late to ask yourself if he’s gay.

Vlogger Wife

Although Jordan Fisher is bisexual, he has never publicly shown his partner. His girlfriend, Ellie Woods, is a vlogger with over 3k subscribers and is not the actress’s biological father. It is unclear who her biological parents are. But she has a daughter, Cory, and a younger sister named Trinity. Despite the rumors that she is gay, she has never shown any signs of it.


According to many sources Jordan Fisher is not a gay. He is happily married to his childhood friend Ellie Woods and they recently welcomed their first child. They welcomed their baby boy Riley William on 7 June 2022.They recently got married in 2020. They both are active social media user and keep their fans updated.

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