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In addition to being a former friend of Jenelle Evans, Kieffer Delp is also the father of two children. Although Delp was arrested in January for a charge of felony assault, he has pleaded guilty to the charge and will spend 18 to 36 months in state corrections. The District Attorney’s office in Allegheny County has not commented on the allegations. But the actress believes that Delp is her perfect boyfriend.

Kieffer Delp’s net worth has been shrouded in mystery, as his criminal past is often a reason for his lack of transparency. During the pandemic, he claimed to be homeless and had no place to stay. However, he is still a wealthy man, having made a net wealth in the millions. As a result of his conviction for meth labging, he is not likely to be homeless, but his recent arrest has made him a shady character.

Despite his fame, Kieffer Delp’s past has hindered his ability to make a profit. The teen-oriented TV personality was once arrested for drug possession and was sentenced to 18 to 36 months in jail and three years probation. He was released from prison in February 2020, but was arrested again in September 2017 for bail jumping. This incident boosted his net worth by $1 million. Then, Delp appeared on “Teen Mom,” and was sentenced to three years of probation.

After being arrested on felony charges for his role in a drug-related pandemic, Kieffer Delp went to jail for a year. He later got released and joined a halfway house, where he reportedly focused on fitness. His career is unknown as of now, and his net worth is unknown. There are some rumors about his previous relationships, but there is no solid evidence to prove it.

Kieffer Delp’s incarcerated life is a major factor in his net worth. He spent a large part of his time in prison after he was discovered to have a meth lab. Then, he served an 18 to 36-month jail sentence for his meth lab. After serving his jail time, he was sent back to jail for failing to report to his parole officer.

Kieffer Delp’s net worth is estimated to be at least $500,000 according to various sources. While the actor has had a turbulent past, his recent legal troubles have helped him become a cult hero in the hearts of many. His current relationship with his girlfriend, Jenelle Evans, has been a difficult one for Delp. Besides a rocky relationship, he was arrested for felony crimes in January 2012 and has been in jail ever since.

According to sources, Delp has an average net worth of $23 million. He was arrested for meth in January in McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania, where he lived with Evans for two years. While she had a complicated relationship with Gary Head, they later broke up. During this time, she began dating Kieffer Delp. In July 2012, she became engaged to Gary Head. In December, she married David Eason.

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