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Laura Moretti is a married American actress who is currently a member of the House of Representatives. She is married to Tom Berenger, a motion picture and television actor. Morett was born in the state of Missouri and studied journalism at the University of Missouri. Later, she worked as a flight attendant for Eastern Airlines before landing on the show. She has two daughters: Chloe and Shiloh Rory.

Laura Moretti is married to Tom Berenger, a travel salesman from the Chicago Sun-Times. She earned her bachelor’s degree from the University of Missouri and got married to Tom on September 8, 2012. She has three children, Julia Spurlock and Patrick. She married Tom Berenger in the fourth season and they have six children together. Her first husband died during the game. She had a daughter named Julia.

Moretti married Tom Berenger in September 2012. They have a daughter, Julia Spurlock. They also have a son, Samuel, born in 1977. They also have five grandchildren, Hannah, Samantha, and Jeremy. Her age is 40. Moreover, she has two degrees in nutrition. She has a PhD from the same university, which she obtained after the start of the show. She has a registered dietician degree and has worked as a paralegal for a law firm.

In addition to her successful career in the food and nutrition field, Laura has an extensive background in the field. She earned a PhD in dietetics and also holds a degree in journalism. She is married to Tom Berenger, a traveling salesman. They married on September 8, 2012. She also has four children, Julia Spurlock, and Tom, who has a son named Patrick. During her bachelor’s, she was a travel salesman and married a writer.

Laura Moretti married Tom Berenger in September 2012 and they have a daughter, Julia Spurlock. Besides, the actress is a registered dietician and has a PhD in nutrition. She has two sons, and he has a daughter, who is named Julia. Despite being a successful businesswoman, she has worked as a traveling salesman. It is not known how much more she earns from her acting career.

Laura Moretti married Tom Berenger in September 2012 and has a daughter, Julia Spurlock. They have four children together. She has one daughter, Julia, and two sons, Tom, and Peter. The couple has two other sons, Patrick, and Andrew. She also has a daughter, Sarah. While the actress is a mother of two, she also has a doctorate in public health.

Despite her young age, Laura Moretti is married to Tom Berenger. She had two children with her first husband, and they were separated in 2009. Her second marriage was to actor Tom Berenger. The two divorced in 2011. The actress is currently married to producer and business owner John Travolta. Its first child, Alison, was born in 1977. The actress was formerly married to Richard Leahy in 1992.

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