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Theo Hernandez’s Mother – Laurence Py

Theo Hernandez’s mother Laurence Py is a single parent who raised Theo and Lucas. She gave them everything they needed to succeed as football players.

Her husband, Jean-Francois Hernandez, abandoned her and their children shortly after hanging up his boots and never tried to contact them again. During an interview with Spanish TV personality Sonia Moldes in 2019, Lucas talked about how difficult their upbringing was after their father left.

Laurence Py’s role in Theo and Lucas’s football career

Laurence Py played a vital role in both Lucas and Theo’s football careers. She was a single mother who raised the boys alone, and she did everything she could to help them achieve their dreams.

Theo Hernandez is a talented left-back who plays for AC Milan and the French national team. He has appeared over 80 times for his club, and he is fighting to win a trophy with them.

He has also scored 14 goals for the Italian club, making him one of the most prolific players in Serie A at the moment.

In October 2021, Theo played his first international match alongside his brother, Lucas, and he started the game against Belgium in the UEFA Nations League semi-final. He scored his first goal for France and helped them to qualify for the final.

He is a left-handed player, and his height is 1.84 meters. He has a muscular body, and he weighs around 172 pounds (78 kilograms). He takes very good care of his body, training, and diet.

Laurence Py’s role in Theo and Lucas’s life

Theo and Lucas are both very close to their mother, Laurence Py. Despite their parents’ marital issues, she has always been dedicated to supporting her sons.

The brothers are also very much in tune with each other’s feelings. They never allow each other to wander in the dark.

They both share a passion for football and are avid supporters of their dad, Jean-Francois Hernandez. He was a professional footballer who played for many popular clubs, including Atletico Madrid.

Sadly, when Theo and Lucas were five years old, their father walked out of their lives. He left the boys with no home address and no money, and he also shacked up with stunning actress Moldes.

It took a long time for the family to get back on their feet, but they eventually got there. As a result, both Theo and Lucas are very well off today. They are both football players, and they have also won numerous trophies.

Laurence Py’s relationship with Jean-Francois Hernandez

The mother of AC Milan and France national team left-back, Theo Hernandez, Laurence Py was married to Jean-Francois Hernandez, a former footballer who played as a central defender. They had two boys, Lucas and Theo, as a result of their marriage union.

Soon after hanging up his boots, her husband abandoned her and their two sons for Spanish television personality Sonia Moldes. During an interview in 2019, Lucas revealed that their father did not see them for over 16 years.

As a result, they grew up alone and lived a lonely life without a father figure. Eventually, they found solace in soccer.

Fortunately, the Hernandez brothers’ mother, Laurence Py, was a good sports person and had a strong passion for sports. She helped them to pursue their dreams of becoming professional football players and enrolled them in CF Rayo Majadahonda.

Laurence Py’s relationship with Atletico Madrid

During the early days of her sons’ football careers, Laurence Py played a crucial role. She drove her sons to training day after day at Rayo Majadahonda, and it was there that they first started to show signs of becoming professional footballers.

She did all she could to make sure they reached the elite. For her, this was all about giving up everything for their dreams.

Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid have a long history of rivalry, and Saturday’s derby will mark the end of an era that has seen both sides battle it out for supremacy in the Spanish capital.

While the two teams have fought their way up the La Liga table this season, there is also a growing hostility between them. This is especially evident in recent matches, with some fans being recorded aiming racially offensive chants at Atletico captain Vinicius Junior in September.

It is a relationship that has only worsened since Courtois took over the role as Real Madrid No 1. His first encounter with Atletico was a controversial one in a 2-2 draw at Wanda Metropolitano last season.

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