Legal Requirements for an Invoice

Managing your own company, as well as selling stuff to clients, suggests the need to send them invoices. But how to do it effectively and what are the must-include invoice elements? That’s where Invoice Maker by Saldo Apps comes into play. Here, you’ll learn more about invoice requirements USA and the general purpose of these docs.


Invoices are official requesting-payment docs sent from companies to their clients. Because they are official docs, there are some must-add details that give them legal power. Error-less invoicing is something your business should strive for. Although legal requirements for these documents in the US are quite relaxed, following certain rules and tips can aid you in getting paid faster — and thus significantly boost your revenue.


In this piece, we’ll cover the following topics:


  • what invoices are used for;
  • information required on an invoice;
  • how to invoice like a pro.

What are invoices used for?

Invoices are vital for proper bookkeeping. They help you record all the sales transactions that your company processes. Here are the main purposes for which these documents are used by companies:


  • to oblige your clients to initiate payment on time;
  • to keep tabs on your transactions;
  • to track your product-selling company inventory;
  • to predict sales dynamics based on the archived info;
  • to monitor your revenue in case of an audit.


Think of your invoice as people’s first impression of your company. Invoicing professionally helps you establish trust with your clients and motivates them to always pay on time. If you want your invoicing endeavors to serve their purpose the best, customize the most suitable Google sheets invoice template from our catalog to your preferences. Put an emphasis on branding, avoid mistakes, be polite, and clarify your payment terms upfront. Do invoices need to be signed? Of course! Keep reading for more details on what else a proper invoice should include.

What is needed on an invoice?

If you’re providing other companies with products or services, this invariably suggests invoicing. While your invoice design and wording are paramount for success, there are other factors you should take into account to start invoicing like a pro. To make your invoices legally valid, these docs require specific information to be added. So, what does an invoice need to include? Here’s the short list:


  • the loud-and-clear heading saying ‘Invoice’;
  • your and your clients’ company address;
  • invoice date rules and deadlines;
  • unique invoice ID;
  • details on the products sold/services provided;
  • pricing details;
  • total amount due. 


Why do invoices generally include an invoice number? Smart question. The doc’s unique number is a crucial element on the aforementioned list. The number is used for proper income documentation. Also, it helps monitor payments and deal with overdue invoices. 


What bank details are needed on an invoice? Make sure the document includes error-free payment details, based on which your US clients will pay you. Provide a standalone form for processing credit card payments, along with a link to your payment gateway. With regard to wire transfers, adding bank name, your contacts, account number, and routing transit number is necessary. 


Last but not least, if you want to speed up your invoicing routine without compromising on quality, opt for top-level invoicing software. It will help you send multiple invoices in the blink of an eye, follow-up smoothly, as well as bolster your accuracy along the way. Looking for high-quality software for invoicing, along with limitless access to excellent customizable invoice templates for all sorts of businesses? Saldoinvoice is the answer.

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