LIFESTYLE: Being well-organised is outside your blood!

How do you organise your work? We have some basic and simple principles to remember to prioritise your tasks!

Unless you have to carry out recurring tasks repeatedly, as an artisan would do in his pottery workshop, human beings generally need help to estimate how much time a task takes. And with good reason!

Today, we are giving you tips to become easily organised, but we will also introduce you to CBD for relaxation and focus. And if you want to learn about CDNlaws in `Europe, follow this link.

Determine your priorities with the Enseinhower matrix

We mentioned the existence of “important tasks”. How do you recognise them and classify them according to their degree of importance? And what about emergencies?

To answer these questions, we recommend you use the famous Eisenhower matrix. Used by many organisations, this easy-to-use, day-to-day tool allows you to classify tasks objectively according to their importance and urgency so you can prioritise them more effectively. Generally speaking, remember that :

Urgent and important tasks: to be done yourself, quickly.

Tasks that are important but not urgent: do them yourself, but plan to do them later.

Urgent but unimportant tasks: delegate as soon as possible.

Tasks with little urgency or importance: put them aside or abandon them.

To concentrate on your work for 25 minutes without losing concentration, it’s essential to cut out all sources of external distraction: colleagues, e-mails, notifications, smartphones, music, web browsers, etc. In other words, to take full advantage of this method, you need a minimum of preparation… and planning. The day before, define the tasks you need to complete the next day but be realistic so as not to put yourself under unnecessary pressure.

Tools to help you get organised 

If used properly, digital tools can help you to improve your efficiency considerably. Here are a few free, easy-to-use solutions that should get your full attention.

Always have access to your notes :

  • Evernote: created in 2008, this software has millions of users worldwide. Simple but very comprehensive, it lets you save all the information you want and access it from your smartphone or computer.
  • Google Keep: offered by the famous American company, Google Keep is a simple, intuitive tool that has the advantage of integrating directly into the Google environment.
  • OneNote: offered by Microsoft, the OneNote solution provides a pleasant environment that can incorporate a wide range of content: text, images, screenshots, sounds, handwritten notes, etc.
  • Manage your tasks alone or as part of a team:
  • Trello: create thematic tables, automate workflows, integrate checklists, and group similar tasks using labels… Whether using it alone or with your team, Trello is a tool you need to discover urgently!
  • Google Task: like Keep, Task is a tool perfectly integrated into the Google environment, focusing on task management (with the option of creating sub-tasks).
  • MeisterTask: elegant, powerful and customisable, this project-based solution comes in a free version that is more than sufficient for most uses.

CBD can improve concentration

CBD offers a promising solution to the problem of poor concentration.

Besides, CBD binds directly with dopamine, a biochemical molecule influencing behaviour. Therefore, a drop in attention and concentration often implies low dopamine levels. CBD stabilises dopamine production, which is a significant advantage when driving a car or writing a complicated article, for example.

CBD for better crisis management

There’s no shortage of crises to deal with at work. Under these conditions, you are destabilised and have to cope with an emotional overload. You can use CBD oil from to overcome your feelings and take effective action. This product will help you stay calm in all situations. Consuming cannabidiol calms your mind and allows you to find an appropriate solution to the problem.

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