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loren gray and ian jeffrey

Loren Gray and Ian Jeffrey have been dating since December of 2015. Both are well-known singers. They split in June 2016. The couple announced their split via a tweet, and Loren also deleted their joint Instagram account. Despite the breakup, Loren seemed to recover quickly, and in September of 2016 she began dating social media star Juwany Roman. They have been linked since the breakup.

Although the relationship was short-lived, Loren and Ian began dating in 2018. They dated for a few months and shared a breakup announcement on Twitter. While Loren quickly moved on to pursue a modeling career, she took her boyfriend with her and dragged him into beauty community drama. After the public breakup, Loren said that they’d still be friends, and it was a good time for them to move on.

The breakup is a major setback for both Loren and Ian, who have maintained their friendship despite being separated. In addition to separating, Loren reportedly broke up with Ian in February 2019. The two dated for a few months and kept their relationship private. However, Ian was allegedly depressed after the public split, and he has since deleted all of their pictures on Instagram.

Loren Gray and Ian Jeffrey met in 2014 through James Charles. They dated for a short time before breaking up. Afterwards, Loren returned to her modeling career, dragging Ian into the drama. However, it’s unclear how their romance came to an end. The two met through a mutual friend, and their relationship grew from there. They began dating in 2015 and made the public world aware of their relationship, and soon their fans were thrilled. Even before the relationship began, the two went public with their Instagram posts, and in December 2018, they officially confirmed their relationship.

The two met through James Charles. The pair dated for about five or six months before breaking up. They kept their relationship secret for a while, but they both remained friends. There are many other rumors about the two, and their relationship did not last long. But Loren Gray and Ian Jeffrey have been together for a while. The actresses are now dating again and have been working together for a long time.

In December of 2018, Loren Gray and Ian Jeffrey began dating. The pair met on the internet, and their relationship lasted for about five months. They kept their relationship a secret, and neither confirmed their relationship until recently. The two had a child together. They were spotted together in a photo that appeared on a fan’s social media pages. It’s unclear how long they were together, but they still maintained a close relationship.

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