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Melissa Rivers Net Worth

Melissa Rivers is an American TV personality and actress. She is the daughter of legendary comedian Joan Rivers and TV producer Edgar Rosenberg.

Melissa and her mother starred as themselves in the 1994 celebrity docudrama Tears and Laughter. She has appeared in television shows including Beverly Hills 90210 and Silk Stalkings. She also acted in the made-for-television sci-fi film Men in White and the 1999 comedy The Big Tease.


After a series of setbacks, Melissa Rivers reinvented herself as a writer and producer. She launched a syndicated talk show, The Joan Rivers Show (1989-93). In the 1990s, she began interviewing celebrities on red carpet events for E! and co-starred with her mother in a series of television specials called Fashion Police.

She is also a bestselling author, has written several children’s books, and has appeared on a variety of game shows to raise money for charity. She has also used her fame to advocate for animal rights. She is married to horse trainer John Endicott and has a son, Edgar Cooper Endicott, born in 2000.

Melissa Rivers is a natural American citizen and has an impressive net worth of $120 million. She inherited this fortune from her late mother, comedian Joan Rivers.

Her career as an actress has been a bit more turbulent than most, but she persevered and is now considered one of the world’s most famous comedians. She has appeared on many different TV and radio programs, including the NBC comedy show The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson. She also has a popular podcast and is a prolific writer. She has published several books, including the humorous instructional manual Having a Baby Can Be a Scream and a novel, The Life and Hard Times of Heidi Abramowitz.

Personal life

Despite suffering the tragic loss of her mother Joan Rivers, Melissa Rivers remains focused on her career and her wealth. Her work ethic and determination to stay ahead of the competition have made her a successful actress and host. She has also established a philanthropic foundation in her name.

She has appeared on several game shows including Celebrity Apprentice and Who Wants to Be a Millionaire to raise money for charity. She is a huge supporter of animal rights and has been a spokesperson for various charitable organizations. She gave money to help the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

In the early 1990s, Rivers began a gig hosting pre-show red carpet interviews on nationally televised awards shows. She has also hosted the E! specials Oh Baby! Melissa’s Guide to Pregnancy and Oh Toddler! Surviving the Early Years.

In 2014, Rivers inherited over $100 million from her late mother’s estate. In the same year, she filed a malpractice lawsuit against Yorkville Endoscopy, the New York clinic where her mother underwent a routine procedure that ultimately led to her death. The case was resolved in 2016 for an amount of money that was not revealed. Rivers married horse trainer John Endicott in December 1998 and they had a son named Edgar Cooper Endicott. They divorced in 2003. She has been in a romantic relationship with Mark Rousso, who helps talented people find work, since 2015.

Net worth

As the daughter of the late comedian Joan Rivers, Melissa Rivers has amassed a large fortune in her own right. Her career as a TV host, podcaster, and author have contributed to her wealth. She has also used her fame to promote charitable causes such as animal rights and Alzheimer’s disease research.

She is currently dating talent agent Mark Rousso and is expecting her second child, according to PEOPLE. She has a son named Edgar Cooper Endicott from her first marriage to horse trainer John Endicott, which ended in 2003. She later dated sports coach Jason Zimmerman from 2008 to 2011.

In 2021, Rivers released her latest book titled “Joan Rivers Confidential: The Unseen Scrapbooks, Joke Cards, Personal Files, and Photos of a Very Funny Woman.” Her podcast series, called Group Text, is gaining popularity with its celebrity guest interviews.

In addition to her acting and television work, Rivers has been involved in several real estate ventures. In 1998, she purchased a home in the Pacific Palisades neighborhood of Los Angeles for $2.35 million and sold it in 2019 for $5.223 million. She has also appeared on a variety of game shows to raise money for charities. She is an avid animal rights activist and has donated to a number of organizations, including PETA.

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