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Money Boy: Rapper’s Net Worth & Earnings

How much money does Money Boy have?

Money Boy, bourgeois Sebastian Meisinger, was born on June 27, 1981 in Vienna and grew up in the Rudolfsheim-Fünfhaus district. He grew up in good circumstances because his father was an entrepreneur and his mother a teacher. Until 2008 he studied journalism and communication science at the University of Vienna. Money Boy successfully completed his studies with an academic degree Magister philosophiae. The cherished Money Boy’s net worth is € 1.1 million.

Career as a rapper

Money Boy Income
His tendency towards hip-hop was already apparent during his studies, because Money Boy wrote his master’s thesis on gangsta rap in Germany. At the same time, he began to black out, writing only texts in English. But the success does not materialize.

In the late summer of 2010, a cover of the song became available Turn My Swag On published by Soulja Boy on his YouTube channel. the Track turn the swag on promptly became an internet hit, which continued to gain attention thanks to parodies by influential YouTubers. Among the paroders were also The outsiderwhose parody has now been clicked over 3.7 million times.

The attention to the track turn the swag on but was mostly negative. However, he knew how to polarize it and turned his haters into fans. This was followed by appearances on MTV Home and in some clubs. At the end of the same year signed Money Boy with Sony Music Entertainment. Interest in his person remained. In August 2011 he released his second mixtape Money, Girls and Fame and his third mixtape The lost tape.

How Rich is Money Boy Really?

However, the rapper’s contract with Sony Music expired and was not renewed, apparently so that he could start his own record label. Shortly after the contract expired, he announced that he his tracks through his label Swag City clique will publish. This also happened quickly with the album SWAG

He took his first artist under his Glo Up Dinero aisle on. This includes some artists who follow roughly the same rap style as Money Boy. These include, for example, cough syrup Jüngling, medication Manfred and LGoony. The first great success came when Money Boy, Hustensaft Jüngling and Medicines Manfred received a gold record because they were on the album Classic by Bushido and Shindy could be heard in a so-called hidden track.

Money Boy had also appeared as Why SL Know Plug in his career. He released two albums under this pseudonym in 2016. The rapper’s output was always high. Since 2010 he has 41 mixtapes, one EP and nine albums. In 2018 Money Boy got on his track Breakfast in the jet reveal that he has earned three million euros in his career so far: “Yo, I got out of the trap and had 2 options / I chose rap and made 3 million. “

Income from live shows

In 2014, Money Boy said in an interview that he was about Earned 2,000 euros with a live performance and earned the most money from it. According to this, Money Boy earned a total of 26,000 euros in May and June 2014 alone. The rapper’s fee has now risen and he is invited to a new club appearance almost every week in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Earning from streaming

Money Boy's fortune
Streaming music income is very important to Money Boy. He hardly publishes himself on a physical music carrier. At most, he adds a mixtape in physical form to merchandising products.

According to the rapper in 2018, the monthly income from streaming music at a few thousand euros. With 325,279 listeners monthly, that number might well be realistic. A look at his Spotify profile reveals the following tracks as his most popular:

  • Benny Blanco: around 12,000 euros with 1.7 million streams
  • Monte Carlo: around 60,000 euros with 9.9 million streams
  • Perkys: around 2,400 euros with 320,000 streams
  • Drip Juice: around 6,000 euros with 1 million streams

We assumed 0.006 cents per stream. According to the media, this figure seems the most realistic. But it’s also entirely possible for an artist to make $ 0.0084 per stream. That depends on the respective platform. For example, the share of Apple Music is higher than that of Spotify, as there are not that many users here.

YouTube income

A channel operator can make a lot of money through YouTube advertising. Nobody can take this source of income and Money Boy (or YSL Know Plug) shows why. The clicks per month are extremely dynamic, but on average 800,000 views. The Socialblade platform provides one for this monthly earnings on YouTube of up to 3,500 euros. It can be assumed that this value is quite realistic.

Source of income merchandising

In the shop of Glo Up Dinero aisle there are new products regularly. The shop has established itself as an important source of income, because the fans are always asking for new products. It is always about individual products that do not otherwise exist in this form.

The profit margin for textiles, caps or cups (which were provided with their own drawings) is considerable. Because products are also regularly sold out, you can guess that the shop is definitely lucrative.

Glo Up Dinero aisle

The gang now consists of two artists: Money Boy and Hustensaft Jüngling. Others had withdrawn from the business. Money Boy acts like a mentor for young cough syrups, he met him at a concert in 2015.

The albums by Hustensaft Jüngling are very popular. He placed his first EP at number 11 on the iTunes charts. His debut album with feature guests like Sido made it to number 20 on the German hip-hop charts. The artist’s merchandising is also very popular. As a label operator, Money Boy earns a share of all sales.

Is Money Boy a Millionaire?

After the first advertising deals – for example with the company Rauch for fruit juices -, it can be assumed that Money Boy is a millionaire. His fees for appearances, the successful shop and all the live performances seem to have filled his account well over the years.

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