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The Net Worth of Rapper Mr Papers

The net worth of Mr. Papers is quite low compared to the net worth of Lil’ Kim, but his relationship with the pop singer is still considered one of his best moments. The duo have a daughter named Royal Reigns, and he considers this child his greatest asset. Moreover, he has tried to marry Lil’ Kim several times, so he must have enough assets to maintain a decent life.

His net worth comes from his successful stage performance. Besides his solo shows, Mr. Papers performs as a supporting act at the concerts of Lil’ Kim. He and his wife also starred in a music video in 2013, “Pour It Up.” The video garnered over 50 thousand views on YouTube and generated the couple with a decent amount of income. However, Mr. Papers has yet to release his debut album, so his income from the extended play is primarily from the music videos.

Born on June 13, 1988 in Honduras, Mr. Papers’ net worth is estimated at $15 million. He is the father of Lil’ Kim’s baby, Royal Reign. He has another son from a previous relationship with Lil’ Kim. The rapper’s net worth is a substantial sum of money, and he continues to rise. If you’d like to know more about Mr. Papers’ net worth, read on to learn more about his background and his net worth.

Kim’s relationship with Mr. Papers is not without its controversies. The two began dating each other when the singer was 24 years old. In addition to a messy relationship, they fought over the child’s sexuality. However, the couple reconciled in the Pour It Up music video. Lil’ Kim and Mr. Papers are still friends. They are not married, but they are still living in the same apartment.

Lil’ Kim and Mr. Papers were dating in 2013, and they even released one song together. However, they split after an alleged abuse issue. Lil’ Kim and Mr. Papers’ net worth are lower than Lil’ Kim’s. But in the wake of his relationship with Kim, Mr. Papers has become famous. Nevertheless, his net worth is significantly lower than Lil’ Kim’s. In the meantime, Lil’ Kim may live with the little royal.

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