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Our study found that Neil deGrasse Tyson net worth is believed to have 10 million dollars. Neil deGrasse Tyson has a lot of money because he is good at being an astrophysicist, writer, and talking about science. Tyson’s real name is Frederick P. Neil deGrasse Tyson has been running the Hayden Planetarium at the Rose Center for Earth and Space since 1996. He also began the study of stars and planets at the American Museum of Natural History in 1997. Neil was the host of a TV show called ‘Nova ScienceNow’ on PBS from 2006 to 2011. Since 2009, he has also been hosting a podcast called ‘StarTalk’

‘In 2014, Rolling Stone magazine chose the top 20 funniest podcasts, and Neil’s was ranked at the top.

Neil Degrasse Tyson Early Life

Neil deGrasse Tyson net worth is a famous scientist who studies space. He was born in Manhattan, New York City on October 5, 1958.He lived in Tyson Hill and Riverdale when he was young and became very interested in studying the stars and planets. He loved the subject so much that he spent a lot of time at the Hayden Planetarium, learning more about the universe.

Tyson went to schools in the Bronx and did well in his classes. He finished school at The Bronx High School of Science, a very good school that teaches a lot about science. 

Excited to follow his dreams in science, he studied physics at Harvard University and learned even more about the subject. Tyson kept learning and got a master’s degree in astronomy from the University of Texas at Austin. During this time, he learned more about astrophysics and became even more passionate about the subject. He got a Ph. D He studied astrophysics at Columbia University and became a smart scientist in the field.

Neil Degrasse Tyson Career

In 1986, Tyson started teaching astronomy at the University of Maryland. Later, in 1994, he became a scientist on the staff at the Hayden Planetarium. Before he was chosen as the director in 1996, he was the planetarium director for a little while the year before. Tyson was chosen by President George W. Bush will be part of a group working on the future of the US space industry in 2001. Also, in 2004, Tyson was the host of a four-part miniseries called Origins as part of the PBS Nova series. He also helped write a book that goes along with the series. In April 2015, Tyson started hosting a late-night chat show called ‘StarTalk’ on the National Geographic Channel. On the show, he talks to famous people about how they are involved with science.

Tyson was in charge of the script for the 2016 science movie Food Evolution. The movie was directed by Scott Hamilton Kennedy, who is well-known and has been nominated for an Academy Award. In the same year, Tyson got to be a guest on a song called ‘Exist’ from the Avenged Sevenfold album ‘The Stage’ and he sang a monologue. In 2017, he was featured on two important albums. He was on Musiq Soulchild’s album Feel the Real with the song ‘The Moon’ and also on Logic’s album Everybody as God. Tyson received a special award called the Medal of Excellence from Columbia University in New York City in 2001. It was a very important award. Also, he got two awards for his great work. He received the Science Writing Award in 2005 and the NASA Distinguished Public Service Medal in 2004

Neil Degrasse Tyson Writing Career

In 1989, Tyson wrote his first book called Merlin’s Tour of the Universe. Then he wrote two more books: Universe Down to Earth in 1994 and Just Visiting This Planet in 1998. He wrote a book called ‘One Universe. ‘ In the book ‘At Home in the Cosmos’ from 2000, it says that there are no limits in the sky. The Urban Astrophysicist had adventures in 2004, wrote a book called ‘Astrophysics for People in a Hurry’ in 2017, and wrote ‘Letters from an Astrophysicist’ in 2019, as well as other books. The book ‘Astrophysics for People in a Hurry’ sold more than 1 million copies and was on the ‘New York Times’ Best Seller List for over a year.

Neil Degrasse Tyson Personal Life

Neil and Alice Young met in a physics class and got married in 1988. They have two children named Miranda and Travis.Tyson knows a lot about wine. He has been in magazines like ‘Wine Spectator’ and ‘The World of Fine Wine’ for his wine collection. In 2018, four women said Neil did something wrong with them in a sexual way from 1984 to 2018. He said he didn’t rape anyone in 1984, but he said the other accusations were just a misunderstanding. This caused ‘StarTalk’ to take a break and delayed the first episode of ‘Cosmos. ‘ Possible Worlds’ was postponed. But in March 2019, Fox and National Geographic said they finished looking into the situation and Tyson could go back to working on his projects.

Neil Degrasse Tyson Height And Weight

Neil deGrasse Tyson is about 180 centimeters tall, which is about 5 feet 9 inches, and he weighs around 260 pounds or 117 kilograms. He is strong and known for being good at sports like lifting weights and martial arts.

Neil Degrasse Tyson Social Media

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Neil Degrasse Tyson Nationality

Neil deGrasse Tyson is an American scientist who studies the stars and planets and educates people about science. Although he has African-American heritage, he thinks of himself as American and is proud to be a citizen of the United States. Tyson was born and grew up in New York City. He has worked at places like the American Museum of Natural History and the Hayden Planetarium in the US for a long time. All his life, Tyson has been a big supporter of science education and has worked hard to help people of all ages and backgrounds understand science better. Even though society has problems and disagreements, Tyson believes that the future will be good and that science can make things better. He thinks that if we all work together and accept that we all are humans, we can solve difficult problems and make a better world for ourselves and the future.

Neil Degrasse Tyson Awards And Achievements

In 2015, Tyson received an award from the U.S. The National Academy of Sciences awarded him for working hard to get people excited about science. He received awards from Columbia University, NASA, a science writing award in 2005, and an Isaac Asimov Award from the American Humanist Association in 2009. He was given prizes from Columbia University, NASA, a science writing prize in 2005, and an Isaac Asimov Award from the American Humanist Association in 2009. Neil won a prize for being the host of a TV show called ‘Cosmos’ In 2014, a show called ‘A Spacetime Odyssey’ aired. In 2000, a magazine called him the sexiest astrophysicist. Time magazine and Discover Magazine called him one of the most important people in the world in 2007 and 2008. He has received honorary degrees from 20 schools, including Yale University, Mount Holyoke College, and Gettysburg College.


Neil deGrasse Tyson went from being a curious kid in the Bronx to becoming a famous scientist known all over the world. Passion and learning can change things for the better. His ability to talk about complicated science things has inspired a lot of people.

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