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Nikocado was born in Ukraine and adopted from a family in Kherson, Ukraine. He is an accomplished violinist, having played in the Broadway Pit Orchestra. He is also well-trained in classical violin. Before becoming a YouTube star, Nikocado worked as a home improvement sales clerk. Before starting his YouTube career, Nikocado had been in and out of treatment

Known for Extreme Eating Challenges

Nikocado Avocado is an Internet sensation and a symbol of modern Internet culture. The YouTube sensation is known for his extreme eating challenges and mood swings. His YouTube videos are a perfect example of the positive aspects of new media, but they also highlight the negative side of the medium. While the success of his videos is undeniable, his obsession with engaging in social media can be a deadly addiction.

Gained a lot of Weight 

Despite the negative impact on his body, Nikocado’s journey to health was remarkable. In five years, he went from being a lean vegan activist to gaining 370 pounds. During his weight loss journey, he was forced to undergo sleep apnea treatments and even broke his own ribs. His weight loss journey did not end with weight loss, though, as the mukbang lifestyle can have a devastating effect on the body.

Fame Destroyed Him

After giving up veganism, Nikocado Avocado made the transition to eating mukbangs and other meat products. His videos featuring huge portions garnered the most views. As the videos grew in popularity, he began to eat more, gaining a slew of weight. Then, he refused to acknowledge the weight gain, which created more drama and fights in his videos. The videos he uploaded to social media quickly gained fifty thousand views in a matter of weeks.

3 Million Subscribers 

Nikocado avocado is a 29-year-old YouTube sensation. He has more than 3 million subscribers and over a billion views. He is best known for his extreme eating videos, which have received a lot of controversy. In addition, he is the first male YouTuber to experiment with mukbang and has a growing fan base. In addition to his videos, Nikocado avocado has also been involved in several feuds and controversies.

Concerned Fans

Many fans are concerned about Nikocado’s weight, and have been following his weight-loss journey for four years. He used to be a vegan but now sticks to a strict vegetarian diet. After a few years, he’s now five feet 7 inches tall and weighs three hundred pounds. He claims that the extra pounds he gained were “water weight” and not food.

Musician Career took a Back

Initially, Nikocado’s career as a musician took a back seat when he moved to Colombia. After he met his boyfriend, he decided to join YouTube. He and Orlin were friends through a raw vegan Facebook group. He was later invited to a raw vegan event in Central America. On September 1, 2016, Nikocado and Orlin broke up. Nikocado claimed it was due to health problems, but he soon rejoined after a period of time.


Nikocado Avocado is a YouTube personality with millions of subscribers and six channels. His videos have made him rich enough to purchase a $2.3 million penthouse flat. In one of his videos, he tells his followers to “enjoy your new home, bro. There’s not much time to lose.” It’s clear that he’s sacrificing his health for the sake of making millions.

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