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Omari Hardwick is an American actor. He is the co-founder of the Actor’s Lounge and a founding member of the Theater Group. His most recent movie is I Will Follow (2011), for which he won the Black Reel Award for Best Actor – TV Movie. He also starred in the 2011 holiday TV movie A Christmas Blessing, which earned him an additional nomination for Best Actor. Although his net worth is not public, he has an estimated salary of five million dollars. Previously, rumors arose that he was gay, but that has since ceased.

Omari Hardwick is a gay man, according to his Twitter page. While he was single, rumors about his homosexuality have surrounded him. After a short time, he married his long-term boyfriend, Matthew Pfautch. The couple is currently still going strong, with no indication of divorce. Omari Hardwick’s career started in football, but after being rejected from the NFL draft, he turned to acting. He has lived in a car during his early years, but he’s now back in the spotlight thanks to his success as an actor.

While he was single, Omari Hardwick was accused of being gay. In 2008, he began dating Pfautch, a Native American who was disowned for dating someone outside her race. The two married in 2012 and have two children. Despite the rumors about her relationship with Hardwick, the couple has been together for nine years. Omari Hardwick is a straight man and has never been in the middle of a relationship scandal. During his early career, he lived in his car.

Omari Hardwick is not gay. He is a married man with two children. He has never been in any sort of controversy about his sexuality or relationships. His marriage is thriving and should continue in the years to come. Omari Hardwick was a standout athlete in high school and college and was a finalist for the NFL Draft. He continued to write poetry, reciting it in his movie ‘Power’.

Omari Hardwick is not a gay man. He is a married man with two children. He is straight and has a family of six. However, he is still rumored as being gay. During his early years, Omari Hardwick was rumored to be gay. It is unknown if he was ever married or had children. His marriage to Jennifer Pfautch was reported to be rocky at times, but he has remained faithful to her and their children.

Omari Hardwick is not gay. However, he is straight. He has never been in a relationship scandal, and he is happily married with his wife, Jennifer Jae Pfautch. The couple has two children together. The actress has always kept her personal life private, so it is unclear if she is gay or not. Fortunately, Hardwick has remained out of the spotlight. This is a good sign that she is straight.

In his early years, Omari Hardwick had a keen interest in football, but later shifted his focus to acting. Aside from acting, Omari Hardwick had a high passion for writing poetry. Her love of poetry is so great that she has her own book. Earlier, when she was single, Omari was a struggling actor in Hollywood, but she was not rumored to be gay.

After dating a Native US native for three years, Hardwick became engaged to Jennifer Jae Pfautch. The couple has two children, and the couple is still going strong. Omari Hardwick is an American actor. He is best known for his work in the films “Dark Blue” and “For Colored Girls”. The film received numerous accolades for the actor. Omari Hardwick is a straight, proud African-American. His career as an actor has allowed him to showcase a diverse range of talent.

Omari Hardwick is a popular actor. His movies include Dark Blue and Kick-Ass. His fans have argued that he is gay, but others believe he is straight and married. Regardless of his sexual orientation, he is a happily married father of two. Despite the controversy surrounding him, he is openly gay and has two children. Unlike other actors who are openly gay, Omari Hardwick has been in close relationships with his female co-stars since childhood.

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