Parenting Tips for Career Focused Parents

Being career focussed is something to be lauded and admired, right up until you become a parent. The pressures put on working parents are undoubtedly higher for working mothers. Being a mother should not mean that you have to give up a career that you love, but you will need to make concessions. From building the right routine to establishing consistent and reliable contact with your children, these tips will help you be a better parent even when you spend a lot of your time on your career.

Work Remotely and Work Flexibly

The pandemic has made flexible and remote working commonplace. Use that. Working from home means simply being there, and that alone makes a massive difference when it comes to parenting your children. While, of course, this option is better suited for when your kids are older and don’t need to be watched 24/7, make it an option. Work from home a few days a week, or alternatively, if you can adjust your working hours try to align the end of your day with the end of their day.

Tips for Choosing Nurseries, Schools, and After-School Programs

Nurseries, schools, and after-school programs can all help your child enjoy an enriched life, even when you cannot directly give it to them. Though it may feel like you aren’t doing your part, know that a good learning environment can actually help improve your child’s social skills and their sense of independence. This can start as early as you need it to. Top nurseries that focus on personal, social, emotional, physical, and communication development, like Seahorse Nursery, start taking children from 3 months old all the way until just before they enter school.

Keep a Consistent Routine

Kids need routine. Routine is where they feel safe, where they can learn to grow, and where they can come to rely on you. You don’t need to be at home with them every second of the day. Instead, you need to set and keep a routine. This routine should involve as much bonding time as possible. Just one simple example is making sure that everyone has breakfast and dinner together and then does one family activity after dinner. Alternatively, you can make it a point to read to your child or read together every night. What you do is up to you, but try to make it consistent so that your kids can rely on the fact that you will be there.

Keep Your Word

Your routine will likely deviate. Something will come up, and you won’t be able to make it to dinner or read before bed. This is fine, so long as you are upfront and keep your word. If you promise to make it up to them, tell them how and stick with it. This improves trust between you and your child – a trust that will be even more important as your kids get older. Your children always need to be able to trust and depend on you. Have that, and you’ll be well on your way to raising good kids and being a good parent yourself.

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