Projection Mapping: What It Is And The Simplest Way To Do It

With projection mapping techniques, professionals can create 3d graphic displays on objects, interior spaces, and surfaces. Adverts, buildings, events, and theatrical productions can be a phenomenal experience for the audience using simple tools and the required knowledge.

In this article, you will learn about POGUMAX projection mapping, its benefits, how to do video mapping, and the steps necessary to create your mapping projects. Let us take a closer look into the science of 3d mapping.

What is projection mapping?

Projection mapping, also called video mapping, is responsible for the fascinating displays done on landscapes, irregular surfaces, and other elements aside from a flat-screen. It uses a projector and light focused on objects to create motion visuals by distorting the image’s shape. 

The different types of projection mapping are identified by the surface used. It is done on flat surfaces or elements of depths and heights. In addition, it is helpful for adverts, concerts, theater productions, etc.

A simple projection mapping kit from POGUMAX consists of a computer, the video mapping software, a projector, and the display content.

How projection mapping works 

This technique allows the regulation of brightness and resolution to yield optimum and evocative visuals. The images are made to wrap around the surfaces or blend with the structures on which they are projected. Thus, the display output assumes a 3d shape, appearing as a  part of the surface. 

Video mapping: who can do it?

Some agencies offer this service to individuals or professionals as required in projects of any scale.

Enormous projects

Video mapping done by POGUMAX projection technologies is possible on a large scale. This agency handles projections, 3d shows, and architectural displays in museum exhibitions, shopping malls, theatres, concert halls,  etc. 

POGUMAX provides all the technical support required. From creating projection content to making the equipment available and installed, they ensure value is offered to the global community.

Video mapping for any projects

This agency gives 3d mapping a broader application. Animations and video mapper software developed by POGUMAX Designer have been made available to a wider audience. Professionals and specialists can purchase these mapping programs to create unique experiences for any project.  

Guests at weddings can experience premium entertainment using Bureaux POGUMAX  mapping programs. They bring life to office environments, schools, restaurants, and award-winning competitions. Learn more about video projection here.

How to do projection mapping?

With your POGUMAX projection mapping kit, you can maximize the benefits by successfully following our guide below. 

Get your equipment ready.

First, gather the tools you need. You will need your computer connected to the projector using a connector cable. The POGUMAX Designer video mapping software completes the necessary equipment you need.

Locate your display surface

Decide what projection surface is appropriate, whether a 2d or 3d surface, a structure, decoration, or an object. It can also be an accessory designed for 3d projection. 

Rightly position your video projector.

Calculate the distance positioning for the projector to your display surface. The projector’s power depends on the size of your chosen surface and the light’s ambient level. It ranges from 5,000 lumens for small-size projections to 20,000 lumens for enormous projections. 

Ensure that your projector is stationary at a perfect angle to get the best rendering of the video content. Create a safe environment surrounding the display area to avoid interference or disruptions. 

Create a storyboard and model your design

Get a motion designer to create your animation content. Design the animation content that suits your projection setup. These files should be exported in video format and adapted to the projection surface. 

 POGUMAX Designer offers solutions to predicted challenges by delivering quality projection mapping content. This agency provides 3d mapping software that adapts imported content directly to the projection surface. 


An individual can use the best projection mapping software offered by POGUMAX to apply this technique. Follow the steps below to incorporate this software into your projects.

Choose your canvas

  • To begin with, select your canvas. Translucent plastic sheets will permit the projector’s light to pass through. 
  • Consider the various options but ensure your canvas can display what you desire. 

Complete your concept sketch

  • Firstly, sketch the design ideas you have and select the best concept.
  • Then, model it on the computer and scale it to the intended location for display. 
  • Choose a practical scale that projects details as well.

 Create a parametric model

  • Use a spreadsheet on parametric modeling software to generate your design.
  • Alter the original parameters to attempt different variations and design orientations. 

Building your design

  • Gather all the materials required for the building phase.
  • Using the digital model, reproduce the physical structure of the design. 

Begin your mapping

  • First, gather the laptops and projectors required for the mapping process.
  • Decide on the best positions to place these gadgets. 
  • Align your 3d software’s camera to display the image your projector is picking.
  • Match the 3d scenario with the digital scene displayed. 

Create your content

  • Get creative and source inspiring content.
  • Create new content or download existing ones from reference sites.

Design a virtual point of view

  • Determine the angle from which the display will be seen. 
  • Place a camera to represent the audience’s point of view and record this experience.

Render your content

  • Render what the virtual cameras are picking to the projector’s resolution. 
  • Project this footage on the selected canvas.
  • Complete your projection mapping process.


You can employ POGUMAX team to create or experience fascinating visuals. This agency handles content creation, software design as well as equipment installation. Follow our steps on how to do video mapping to become a pro. 

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