8 Relaxation Beauty Treatments You Should Try This Summer

After the challenging year you’ve had, you deserve to relax and feel your best this summer. So why not treat yourself to one of our relaxation or beauty treatments in Penrith here at Esteem Hair and Beauty?

Here are some of our top 8 relaxation and beauty treatments to try!

LED Light Therapy

Have you been looking to try out LED light therapy in Sydney? Here is your chance! At Esteem Hair and Beauty, we offer Healite LED light therapy in Sydney to rejuvenate and repair your skin. This treatment also helps promote collagen growth. Our clients have seen incredible results with this treatment, and it is definitely worth trying out!

Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy massage may not be something that you’ve heard of before. Here at Esteem Hair and Beauty, we offer premium pregnancy massages in Sydney to both new and expecting mums. The therapists that offer this service are all trained in pregnancy massage, and only 100% safe oils and products are used during this treatment. This treatment would also make a great gift to a loved one!

Lash Lift

If you haven’t tried a lash lift yet, this summer is definitely the time for it! This is an affordable and quick treatment that has really effective and long-lasting results. Basically, your lashes are redirected into a new, lifted style that opens up the lashes and holds them perfectly in place. This gives the impression that your lashes are longer than they really are.

Keratin Treatment

The Keratin treatment offered by Esteem Hair and Beauty is for your hair. Keratin treatments have absolutely exploded in popularity over the last few years, and that is because of the truly incredible effects that it has on your hair. Keratin treatments smooth your hair and add shine and manageability, making your hair so much easier to style and deal with during the summer months.

Spray Tanning

In summer, all of us like to look a bit more tanned than usual, but we know about the harmful effects that lying out for too long in the sun can have. That is why spray tanning is a great option if you want to get that bronzed glow. Here at Esteem Hair and Beauty, we have two spray booths with trained therapists that can give you that gorgeous summer glow by using our organic spray tan products.


What would this list be if it didn’t include a good old-fashioned pedicure? During summertime, you are showing off your feet more than usual, and there is no better way to feel confident about your feet than through a professional pedicure by our team here at Esteem Hair and Beauty. We have three different types of pedicures for you to choose from. Not only do they keep your feet looking good, but they are also incredibly relaxing.

Oxygen Facial

Does your skin need a major boost in the way that it looks and feels? The Oxygen facial here at Esteem could be the ideal treatment for you. This facial has actually been made incredibly popular by A-list celebrities such as Madonna, who can’t get enough of it. The oxygen facial will nourish and rejuvenate your skin, and you definitely will not be disappointed by the awesome, long-lasting results of this facial.

Spa Goddess Treatment

Our Spa Goddess is our most popular treatment, and for good reason! It allows our clients to enjoy the wonderful benefits of hydrotherapy, all while also experiencing full body exfoliation, a face mask, steam infusion, body mask, and nourishing moisturiser. This treatment really aims at helping you relax, and the flowing water is absolutely hypnotic. Feel your most relaxed self after this treatment!

At Esteem Hair and Beauty, it is always a great time to treat yourself! That being said, it feels as if the summer months require a little more pampering, so don’t be shy to spoil yourself this summer in Sydney.

Are you looking to try out some of these relaxation and beauty treatments in Penrith? Here at Esteem Hair, we offer all of the above treatments and have a team of dedicated staff, who are all very good at what they do. Get in touch with us today on 02 4722 3250.

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