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Rick Springfield net worth is a person from Australia who makes music, writes songs, and acts in movies. He has $10 million dollars. He is most famous for his song called “Jessie’s Girl” that came out in 1981. He is also well-known for playing Dr. in a TV show or movie. Noah Drake is a character on the television show called “General Hospital”. He acted as Dr. Drake performed as an actor and toured with his band during 1981-1983. He later returned to the same role from 2005-2008.

Early Life

Rick Springfield net worth was born in Sydney, Australia on August 23rd, 1949. His real name is Richard Lewis Springthorpe. His mother came from England, and his father had roots in Scotland. Because his dad was a Lieutenant. Cornell served in the Australian Army, and Springfield often had to change military locations in both Australia and the UK. When he was 13, he figured out how to play the guitar.


Rick Springfield net worth was 13 years old when he started playing the guitar. He joined different bands in England because his father was stationed there from 1958 to 1963. He joined more bands after returning to Australia. In 1968, a bass guitarist named Pete Watson asked him to join his group called Rockhouse. Later that year, Watson decided to rename the band as MPD Ltd.When Springfield was 19 years old in October, they went on a tour to South Vietnam to perform for Australian troops. Another person who was part of MPD Ltd was Danny Finley, who played the drums. After coming back to Australia, they started a band called Wickedy Wak. They were joined by Phil Blackmore who played the keyboard and Dick Howard. A journalist named Ian “Molly” Meldrum from Go-Set helped produce their single called “Billie’s Bikie Boys”, with Beeb Birtles from the pop rock group Zoot as a background singer.

In September 1969, Springfield joined a band called Zoot as the lead guitarist and singer. The band dressed in all pink and gained attention from young girls. However, this made it hard for them to be taken seriously as rock musicians. Springfield wrote a song called “Hey Pinky” for the band. They tried to change their image by doing a hard rock cover of The Beatles’ song “Eleanor Rigby”. In March 1971, this band had a song that reached number 4 on the Go-Set’s Top 40 chart. They had another successful song called “Freak” in April, but unfortunately, the band decided to break up in May.

Rick Springfield net worth signed a contract with Sparmac Records and released his first solo song, “Speak to the Sky”, in October. The song reached its highest position at number 5 on the charts. In the Go-Set singles chart, Springfield’s song “Speak to the Sky” reached number 5. Robie Porter, who owned the Sparmac label, was also Springfield’s producer and manager. Springfield recorded his first album, Beginnings, in London and then moved to the United States in the middle of 1972. He did all the songwriting, singing, and playing guitar, keyboard, and banjo for the album. In August 1972, “Speak to the Sky” was released in the U. S Capitol Records released the song and it reached the highest position on the music charts, No. In September, “Beginnings” reached the number 14 spot on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. It was the first of seven Springfield albums to make it into the top 40 on the Billboard 200 chart. However, rumors spread that Capitol Records paid people to buy Springfield’s albums, which caused some radio stations to stop playing his music.

Springfield, a city, was in a month called September back in 2011. This was happening before a show or event in another city called Boston.

In 1973, Rick Springfield net worth signed a contract with Columbia Records and released his second album titled Comic Book Heroes. It was produced by Porter. In Australia, the album was released by Porter’s new label, Wizard Records, but it didn’t do well on the charts. Springfield was marketed as a popular idol for teenagers, like David Cassidy and Donny Osmond. He talked about this persona in Circus Magazine in 1973. He said he didn’t know how it happened. “Someone saw my picture and that’s all it took. ” This person mentioned that someone requested to take a picture of him wearing a boring white suit. So, he grabbed some crayons and scribbled a letter R with a lightning bolt through it. From September 1972 to September 1973, Springfield was famous and represented himself in a TV show called Mission: Magic. This show was on ABC-TV on Saturday mornings. In each episode, he would write and sing a new song. In 1974, he released an album called Mission: Magic. that was only available in Australia. This album had catchy and fun pop songs. His song called “Take a Hand” became well-liked in the United States. The top 50 performers in 1976. The song was taken from the album Wait for Night, which was released by his new record company, Chelsea Records. After it was released, the company that made the record closed down. In the late 1970s, he focused more on acting and appeared in a few TV dramas.

Rick Springfield net worth kept making music and, in 1981, put out his next album called Working Class Dog. The album created a popular song called “Jessie’s Girl”, which became a big success all around the world and reached the highest position on the charts. I stayed in the U. S for two weeks. Rick Springfield achieved success with his album “Working Class Dog,” which reached number 7 on the Billboard 200 chart. The album also included the hit single “I’ve Done Everything for You,” which was written by Sammy Hagar. Springfield also had success with his follow-up albums “Success Hasn’t Spoiled Me Yet” in 1982 and “Living in Oz” in 1983. Additionally, he won a Grammy Award in 1981 for Best Male Rock Vocal Performance. His songs also made it onto the Hot 100 chart and the Australian Kent Music Report singles chart. In 1984, Springfield acted in a movie called Hard to Hold and made most of the music for the movie’s soundtrack. The soundtrack had a really popular song called “Love Somebody” that was in the top ten. There were also a few other songs that did pretty well on the charts. But, the movie wasn’t successful and the soundtrack wasn’t as successful as previous albums by Springfield. Still, Springfield came out with his next album Tao in 1985. It had a few popular songs like “State of the Heart” and “Celebrate Youth”. In the same year, Springfield took part in a charity concert called Live Aid along with other performers. During this time, he took a short break from making music.

Between 1985 (after TAO) and 2020, Springfield continued to make and release 9 albums in a recording studio.

Rick Springfield net worth made a comeback in 2020 by performing in a special appearance in the song “Jessie’s Girl 2” by Coheed and Cambria. This song is a follow-up to Springfield’s 1981 hit single “Jessie’s Girl”.

In 2021, Springfield started a new radio show called “Working Class DJ with Rick Springfield”. It airs every week on Sirius XM’s “80s on 8” Channel. During the show, the musician plays eight songs that relate to a specific topic.

In 2021, Springfield and Russell Morris teamed up to create The Morris Springfield Project. The Morris Springfield Project released a song called Jack Chrome and the Darkness Waltz in October 2021. It entered the ARIA Charts at number 34.

Personal Life

Rick Springfield net worth had a hard time with feeling very sad for a long time when he was younger and tried to hurt himself when he was seventeen years old. He dated actress Linda Blair for a long time. They started dating when she was 15 and he was 25. In 1984, he got married to Barbara Porter. Barbara helped with his album called “Working Class Dogs. ” They have two sons.

In 2018, when asked about the deaths of Chris Cornell and Robin Williams, he shared that he had thought about killing himself the previous year and understood their sadness. In 2010, he wrote a book about his life called “Late, Late at Night: A Memoir. ” It did not become very popular. Ranked 13th on the list of best-selling books by New York Times. It was ranked as the 23rd best rock memoir of all time by Rolling Stone Magazine.

Real Estate

During the 1980s, Rick resided in a place called Lavender Hill Farm in Malibu. In 1989, he sold a piece of land that is 2.5 acres big The land is in a private community called Sierra Retreat. He sold it to Mel Gibson for $3 million. In 2013, Mel sold the house for $9.3 million In 1996, Rick spent $490,000 to buy a new house in Malibu. Today, this house is valued at around $3 million.

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