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Rohan Oza net worth is a successful American businessman who knows a lot about investing and marketing. He has worked for many famous brands like Snickers and Coca-Cola.

Rohan Oza is known for creating many positive brands using his special skills, ideas, and strategies. He has made a big difference in popular culture and helped famous people create successful businesses.

Rohan Oza Early Life

Rohan Oza net worth was born in Livingstone, Zambia on October 2, 1971. His family is from India and his parents are named Ashok and Lali Oza. His family moved to London, and Rohan started going to Harrow School. He continued his education by studying industrial engineering and manufacturing at Nottingham University.

Rohan finally realized that he was more interested in being a business owner. So, he moved to the US to study how companies plan and advertise at the University of Michigan and also got a Master’s degree in Business Administration (MBA) there.

Rohan Oza Early Career

Rohan Oza net worth started his job at popular companies that make products for people, like Coca-Cola and Mars. During this period, he improved his marketing skills and learned important things about managing brands.

Rohan Oza Co-founder of vitaminwater

One of Rohan Oza net worth biggest accomplishments was being one of the people who started Vitaminwater. He played a very important role in making the company very popular all over the world.

Oza was very good at marketing and making important business deals, which helped the brand succeed. Because of this, The Coca-Cola Company bought the brand for a very large amount of money, $4.1 billion

Rohan Oza Portfolio of Successful Investments

During his career, Rohan Oza net worth has invested in many popular brands and used his knowledge to make them well-known to the public.

He made good investments in companies like Bai Brands, Core Hydration, and Hippeas, among others. Oza is really good at finding good brands and making them even better with new marketing ideas. This has been a big help in making them grow and become successful.

Rohan Oza Shark Tank Investor

Rohan Oza net worth is well-known as one of the investors on the popular TV show called “Shark Tank. He has spent a lot of money on the show.

Being on the show has made him more well-known and opened up new opportunities for him to try out new and exciting projects.

Rohan Oza has around $200 million in money and possessions, which shows that he has done really well in the consumer brands and marketing business. Oza has been very successful in business. He co-founded Vitaminwater and made smart investments in other successful brands, which helped him make a lot of money.

Rohan Oza Personal Life

Rohan Oza net worth  keeps his personal life private and doesn’t share much information about it. So, people were saying that he used to date Sarah Hallock. They were seen together many times at different events.

But the couple has never admitted or publicly acknowledged their relationship. After that, it was reported that they had broken up.

Rohan Oza Awards

Rohan Oza net worth has received many awards and been recognized by many people.

He received recognition for his work by being listed on CRAIN’s 40 UNDER 40, Brandweek’s Top Ten Marketers, and AdAge’s “Marketing 50”.

Rohan Oza Age, Height, Weight & Body Measurement

Rohan Oza net worth was born on October 2, 1971. Rohan Oza came into the world on October 2, 1971. In 2021, he is 50 years old. He weighs 72 kg, which is considered to be a healthy weight for his height. Rohan Oza has black hair and really dark brown eyes.

Rohan Oza House And Cars

He currently lives in his fancy house in Beverly Hills. He bought the house in 2010 for $12.5 million from a Dutch television person. The boss of a company, Reinout Oerlemans.

He sold his large piece of land, which was about the size of a football field, for a very high price of $8.2

Rohan Oza has two types of cars: Mercedes-Benz and Volvo XC90. The price of the car can be anywhere between $38,000 and $165,000.

Rohan Oza Net Worth, Salary & Earnings in 2023

He earns most of his money by starting his own businesses, selling things in stores, promoting brands, and being on American reality TV shows. TV shows similar to Shark Tank. Rohan Oza has a total of $220 million in assets as of 2021.

He started working at Mars when he was 20 years old. His job was to oversee the production of M&M candies. Afterward, he joined “Mars, Incorporated” in Europe and worked as a marketing brand supervisor for Snickers.

At that time, he makes about $200,000. Then, he worked at Coca-Cola Company for 6 years and made the sales go up by 30%.

He earned about $0.90 million from this. In 2002, Rohan Oza left Coca-Cola and then began working at VitaminWater as a partner.

In 2004, he made VitaminWater sales go up to $700 million within one year. In 2007, Соса-Соlа bought Glасéаu and hired Rohan as the highest-ranking person in charge of marketing.

Rohan Oza net worth had a big chance and made a lot of money, but we don’t know how much.

In 2015, Rohan started a company called CAVU Venture Partners, LLC with two other people. CAVU Venture Partners is a company that invests in businesses related to food, beverages, and consumer goods.

In the first phase of funding, CAVU raised $156 million within four months. The company makes $13. 62 million per year.

Rohan Oza net worth has also worked with Justin Timberlake and supported Bai Brands. After that, I signed an agreement with Dr. Perre Snapple Group bought and sold Bai Brands for $1.7 billion in 2016.

Rohan Oza is also famous on social media. He was featured on the TV show called Shark Tank. A series is a collection or group of things that are arranged or organized in a specific order.

Rohan Oza net worth was on Shark Tank for 15 episodes. He should have made $750,000 from being on Shark Tank.

Oza works at Nestle Brands and the University of Southern California and makes a lot of money.


At the age of 20, he became the youngest person to manage the Snickers brand. Then, he went on to work as the head of manufacturing for Mars; M&M’s.

After working for Mars, Oza started working at ‘The Coca-Cola Company’ and gained knowledge from Carl Sweat, who used to work for Coca-Cola and now works at Hooters.

Oza used creative methods with popular drinks like Powerade and Sprite.

Rohan Oza net worth stopped working for Coca-Cola in 2002 and joined forces with Vitamin Water to start Glacéau. At that time, Glacéau was making about $25 million in sales.

Vitamin Water and Smartwater are popular brands created by Oza’s authority, who used clever advertising and endorsements from famous people to promote them.

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