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Syracuse University alumna Sariah McNabb has joined the league’s highest-ranking women’s basketball team. She was a walk-on for two seasons with the Orange and went on to earn a bachelor’s degree in speech communication. She was part of the 1996 squad that lost to Kentucky in the National Championship. She has been active in the sports industry ever since. In 2002, she was named to the board of trustees at the university.

The eldest of three children, McNabb grew up in Chicago, Illinois, and attended Mount Carmel High School. Her teammates included future NFL players Simeon Rice and Matt Cushing. They won the 1991 State Championship, as well as the Chicago Prep Bowl. In high school, she excelled in track and field. She also played basketball with Antoine Walker, who would later become a professional basketball player.

McNabb grew up in Philadelphia and attended Mount Carmel High School. Her parents are Kevin O’Connor and Raquel Nurse. She plays basketball for the Grizzlies. Donovan is a professional hockey player, but he is also a football player and is active in college. Donovan is a successful entrepreneur, and the Grizzlies owe the grizzly couple a lot of money.

Originally from South Carolina, McNabb attended the University of South Carolina. She was a walk-on for Syracuse for two seasons and a reserve on the nationally ranked Orangemen for two years. In her freshman year, she played in the National Championship game against Kentucky. While a high school student, McNabb was a high school teammate of Antoine Walker. After signing with the Eagles, she started six of the last seven games, and missed the final home game against the New England Patriots.

McNabb has been married twice. In 2013, he married Raquel Nurse, his college sweetheart. The couple has four children. Sariah is McNabb’s oldest daughter and Alexis is the daughter of McNabb and Nurse. During their marriage, she had one child, but two of them is still alive. During his second marriage, he remained with his wife. In the next marriage, he married his former college sweetheart, Raquel O’Connor. The two had a son, Devin, and twins.

Sarah McNabb is a former walk-on for Syracuse basketball. She was a reserve for two seasons on the Orange teams. She is the high school teammate of Antoine Walker and the former quarterback of the Philadelphia Eagles. During her tenure with the team, McNabb started six of the Eagles’ final seven games. He only missed the December 19 home game against the New England Patriots due to an injury.

In addition to his football career, McNabb is a humanitarian. She is a mother of four and a former aspiring quarterback. She is a mother to two children and has a charitable foundation called the Sariah McNabb Foundation. You can learn more about Sariah on her website. Just do a quick search for “Sariah McNabb”. She has been an integral part of the Philadelphia Eagles’ success.

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